Thursday, December 11, 2014

My Coffee Journey

"It's not spend-worthy."

I don't care. It's not about the coffee or the planner; it's about the experience of completing the stickers and finally getting the reward for a random self-goal.

This morning, I have finally claimed my Limited Edition Starbucks Planner 2015 at my favorite branch [so far], Starbucks - Intramuros, after collecting 18 stickers. Cool thing because I got my first sticker from Shervin (one of the baristas who know me by my name already) last 17th November and he was also the one at the counter this morning. Basically, he's a witness on how I began and reached my Collect the stickers for the Limited Edition Starbucks Planner 2015 goal. I've had less than a month to complete the required number of stickers. I guess I have spent more than Php 2,000.00 for my promo card to be completed because I had no one to help me fill it (except the man before me at the counter yesterday who just gave me the sticker that was for his beverage supposedly because he isn't collecting) and I don't just buy a drink when I go to Starbucks but I tell you, it's really worth it. Some would say that it's too much for the coffee and the planner, but no, the whole thing is more than that.

I've read this blog post (Why Pinoys Spend So Much To Get The Starbucks Planner That They’ll Never Use Anyway) from Fitz Villafuerte's blog and I couldn't agree more (except for the fact that I'm gonna use my planner because I love planners and cute notebooks and anything in between). As a support to that post and justification of this so-called luxurious tradition, here are my reasons why I joined the Starbucks planner craze:

It's not about the price tag.
It isn't all about money all the time. It isn't about the better things you can buy compared to several cups of coffee in exchange for a planner. Look, it's a Limited Edition Starbucks Planner. It isn't available whole year round unlike other planners that can be purchased from various bookstores. And you cannot just buy it. You have to work for it. You have to complete all 18 stickers to have it. From a Starbucks drinker's point of view, you have to enjoy your choice of blend in exchange for a reward - that's the planner. See the point? You enjoy and then you get your prize later on. It's not about the money you lose, it's about the fulfillment you get.

Starbucks values its customers.
Starbucks drinkers, especially those who regularly visit a branch like me, would definitely agree with me on this. The baristas don't just serve you your coffee. They serve it with a smile. Seeing those baristas happily serve you makes you feel that the money you've spent for your order is worth it. And then you get the planner as a reward later on. They make you feel good and at the same time you're up to get your prize. What's not to love?

Comparison becomes fun rather than enviable.
Admit it. When you and your friend are both collecting stickers, it's kind of like a contest. But it's not a contest where you get to be so competitive seriously. You sort of make a bond out of it. Asking your friend, "How many more stickers do you need?" becomes a way of feeling connected towards that person because you have the same interest (at least for the Starbucks planner).

Let's talk about bragging rights.
I won't be a hypocrite with this. Why would I be shameful of my Starbucks planner? It's a limited edition planner and I was able to get it during the promotional period. It's a personal goal for a Starbucks drinker (who's up for the planner like me) and being able to have it is something that I could punch on my dream board. It's not a random planner that anyone can have, but I have it. Why shouldn't I be proud?

It's a product of hard work.
Whether you're already working or still a student, it doesn't matter. You have worked hard for it. If you're a student, you have set aside some amount from your allowance to be able to fill the promo card up. If you're working, the planner is just among the rewards you let yourself have as a result of working at least 40 hours a week. You didn't get the planner in a snap (not unless you did, and if that is so, then this post isn't for you). You paid for it, so it's just right that you get to have something in return.

It makes you feel like you're a significant part of something special.
Maybe it's the tradition. Or maybe it's the fact that you're bonded with a coffee shop that has been known for its coffee worldwide for ages now. You are a part of that something, and I guess words are not enough for me to explain that sense of belongingness.


Now, let me show you what's with the planner. I chose the brown one because it's really classic and the cover really suits coffee lovers like me.

The planner is wrapped in a reusable paper case when you claim it. It's like being presented to you as a gift. It also comes with a bookmark and a two-way pen.

There are monthly thoughts to ponder and some random activities you could do.

Oh, hello there, birth month!

Aside from a spacious monthly overview, you can also scribble notes on a daily basis.

And like the previous Starbucks limited edition planners, it has promo coupons inside. The only difference is that instead of having them separately, it's already inside the planner this time, and it can be torn off when you're already gonna use it.

Cheers to my company for My 2015 Coffee Journey. Looking forward to all the positive things and life lessons 2015 has to offer. Definitely not spend-worthy. ;)


  1. Congratulations to getting your planner. The new planner looks really great. And yup, agreed. There's so much more to it than the planner itself. Thanks for visiting my blog and I'll make sure to check out Crossfire when I have the time. Sounds like a good book. You have a wonderful blog. I'm following you via gfc now. Hope you can follow me back.


    1. Followed you back on GFC! Thanks so much for the blog feedback. I appreciate it.


  2. The Starbucks planner is lovely and especially love the monthly thoughts in it, so meaningful in such a creative way! Congrats on earning it and thanks for sharing!


  3. Replies
    1. Yes it is! Starbucks planners are designed to be maximized by the user! :)



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