Tuesday, November 11, 2014

To The Stories Never Told

Last night, I opened my laptop and planned to make a blog post. I knew I was going nowhere so I just saved the draft after the third sentence of the second paragraph.

Too much of those... I always tell myself to regret nothing but I have hundreds of unexposed thoughts. Upon deciding to not push through with the blog post I was supposed to write, I started re-reading the entries I never posted in this blog, and with that, I've had an epiphany: all the things that we never expressed were those we've always wanted to shout out loud. They were the drafts we wish we had the courage to post in public. They were the letters we wish we had the courage to at least give to the recipient. They were the text messages we wish we had the courage to read whatever reply we could have received. They were the words we wish we had the courage to utter. They were the feelings we wish we had the courage to accept even when unrequited.

Life has a funny way of suddenly making us realize things when we're already lying on our beds at night and about to sleep; that moment when we get a glimpse of the night sky and just whisper, "Life... Life." It's amazing, too, how one second could make a transition in the way we perceive reality. Fast and sudden, yes, but that's how it really is, right? Time's too fast and moments are too sudden. We try to capture memories but after some time they will all be nothing but unmoving images; captured are the smiles and the laughter, but never the stories behind it.

Because there will always be those untold stories, or maybe stories that had started but weren't given endings. There will always be unfinished sentences or omitted phrases. There will always be something in our lives that, as much as we would have wanted to tell the world, circumstances provide that we can never do it - not because we weren't allowed to, but because it's the best thing we could ever do.

Each one of us has a story to tell, but not all stories are meant to be written in papers or carved in stones. Some stories are just as good as the vapor in the air. That doesn't mean that those stories aren't significant - they are, because all stories are connected and everything happens because of what had previously happened.

Our stories, no matter how big or small, long or short, amazing or devastating, are all linked to make sense like the Big Bang Theory. It doesn't matter if you're the lady with the perfectly applied red lipstick or the damsel with make-up smeared eyes. It doesn't matter if you're the man with a nice suit or the guy with full-body tattoo. We're all part of an untold story, and we all have stories that we will never tell.

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