Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Of Things Unnoticed

Last Saturday, even though I was out late, I woke up early to jog with the troupe. They are my friends from the neighborhood, and it feels nice to have people in the community to hangout with.

I was the one who initiated the jogging (even though we all slept late because we were together that Friday night). Upon reaching The District - Imus from Villa Bienes, it rained. We had coffee for awhile before going back to the village. Rain drops were still falling on our way, so I took the time to not be in a rush and observe. I really have this thing for little things and I couldn't let the chance slip to take a look around me.

Every day, we are too busy minding the huge things that happen in our lives. We tend to neglect the little things that give color to our world. Our eyes always stare straight ahead, not realizing that we're unconsciously taking a lot of things for granted. Like that flower I took a picture of - if you won't look down, you won't notice it. It may not be as stunning as a rose, but it has beauty. The tiny drops of water, just among the other things that go unnoticed most of the time, added to the beauty of this tiny masterpiece.

In our lives, at one point or another, we sometimes feel unnoticed... Unimportant. Unappreciated. People only see the major things we do for them, putting into oblivion the little ones. Our efforts aren't credited, and what's worse is that we're treated as if we did nothing. We want to please them because they matter, because we love them, but then we're never enough.

We fight an everyday struggle to please the people we love not because we want recognition, but because we want them to know that we're here. It's a constant battle that's actually hard to win because we can't take a hold of what they see in us. Sometimes the best we give isn't good enough.

But here's what we should keep in mind: We are more than the efforts that have never been recognized. More than the best shot that has never been acknowledged. We are more than the sum of our mistakes. Of all the things we've ever done that remain unnoticed, we're all more than that.

Here's a song I know we could all somehow relate to:

We may not be perfect, but we're always more than enough. Remember that. Always.

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