Friday, November 28, 2014

Love Like Ours

If you've finally found your bae, congratulations. I'm sincerely happy for you. But hey, here's an open reflection of my hopeless romantic self, just one of the few souls inside my body.

I am encouraging you to listen to this song while reading the next paragraphs of this post. :)
I haven't been listening to the songs of A Rocket to the Moon until late this year, and I must admit that all of their songs give me so much #feels. The melody of their tracks is perfect when you're in a night drive, or even when you're just lying down on the grass at your garden while looking at the stars. There's a story behind their lyrics that will really make you fall in love (even though you don't have a bae, haha), especially this one.

Late last year, I cursed committing. I've gone to few dates this year after my Holiday Break-up in December last year and sworn to myself that I wouldn't let anyone get into my way and destroy my focus again. Still, as of this moment, I would say that I'm still afraid of getting into a relationship because I guess I'm still not ready for a real-time pain [again].

Don't get me wrong. Not that I'm a man-hater or I don't want to commit at all - my friend, I still want to believe that there's somebody out there who will make me feel that everything's gonna be worth it. Maybe not just yet. Not now. Or maybe I haven't met that person yet. Or maybe I have already met him but the right timing is yet to come - and it's not now.

This year has been a full-time trial and error dating process for me, and having been open to going out with some guys for some months, I have realized that I'm definitely not into games anymore (so I finally decided to stop seeing people for awhile); I have discovered what I want when it comes to finding a partner. It's not just about the first impressions, because I fall for the heart, mind and soul; secondary for the body and the physical all. I know better now. I know I deserve someone who wouldn't give up on me. I know I deserve someone who would meet me halfway.

It's nice to imagine to have someone to hold as we make our dreams come true. To have picnic with at Central Park in New York. To enjoy the snow with as we stare at the Eiffel Tower in Paris. To ride the airplane with as we conquer the world. There's too much to imagine right now, and I know, in time, it's all gonna happen.

And I will do my best to make that person smile. To make him happy. To make him forget all the pain he had been through in the past. To make him feel all the love he deserves. To make him know that there's someone who believes and who will believe in him no matter what (and that's me). To make him push himself beyond his limits. To make him realize that I'm worth the wait, and that I'm worth it all, because for me, he's worth the wait, he's worth it all.

And we'll have it all. We'll be by each other's side as we both make our dreams come true. And we'll make it hand in hand as we define our own perfection. We'll sing our favorite songs in our dream car and watch our all-time favorite movies in our dream house. We'll try new food together and cook for each other. We'll have breakfast to look forward to every morning because it's gonna be our morning date every day. We'll look back as we go stargazing at night and see how we've gone through the long hard way together. We'll grow old still truly, madly and deeply in love with each other... And there'll never be a love like ours. :) *heart eyes emoji*

Somebody Out There
A Rocket to the Moon

You deserve someone who listens to you
Hears every word and knows what to do
When you’re feeling hopeless, lost and confused
There’s somebody out there who will 

You need a man who holds you for hours
Make your friends jealous
When he brings you flowers
And laughs when he says they don’t have love like ours
There somebody out there who will

There’s somebody out there who’s looking for you
Someday he’ll find you, I swear that its true
He’s gonna kiss you and you’ll feel the world standstill
There’s somebody out there who will

He’ll take you dancing and pull you in close
Spin you around and won’t let you go
Till they turn the lights off and he’ll take you home
There’s somebody out there who will

There’s somebody out there who’s looking for you
Someday he’ll find you I swear that its true
He’s gonna kiss you and you’ll feel the world standstill
There’s somebody out there who will

Tossing and turning and dreaming at night
About finding him and praying and hoping you might
‘Cause you deserve someone who knows how to treat you right

I know he’s out there 
He’s looking for you
Someday he’ll find you I swear that it’s true
And he’s gonna kiss you and you’ll feel the world standstill

You need someone who’ll miss you
Hold you and kiss you
There’s somebody out there who will

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