Tuesday, September 23, 2014

20 Facts About Me

My friend Nikki tagged me this chain post on Facebook but since my feeds are already flooded with chain posts like this, I just decided to put it on my blog. Besides, I think no one would actually care to read it so I'd just dump it here. Haha.

Without further ado, here's my list:

  1. I am a really, really talkative person and I can be annoying sometimes. I am aware of that.
  2. Reading and writing are my life.
  3. I don’t like going to clubs because I can’t stand the environment of cigarette smoking, drunk people vomiting, people making out in public and anything in between. Eew. Just eew.
  4. I am not fond of putting make-ups. I am not that comfortable and I feel really conscious whenever I wear ‘em.
  5. Sometimes I think I’m being so impassive. I’m really outspoken with regard to my opinion and ideas but I’m really afraid to show my feelings. The fear always holds me back, maybe because I’m afraid of rejection and total isolation.
  6. I admit that I have a bit of trust issues but I still get attached to people easily. People who are really close to me know why.
  7. I’m a POTTERHEAD.  After all this time? Always. Can’t find the perfect words to explain this. And number 7 for this "fact" because Harry Potter has seven books. ;)
  8. My ultimate celebrity girl crush is Emma Watson. Need I say more?
  9. It’s not that obvious but I have scoliosis. We found it out when I was in Grade 6. It sucks whenever back pains attack me because the feeling is really torturous.
  10. I have small feet (size 4) and small hands.
  11. My playlist has a majority of Taylor Swift and Paramore tracks, but I do listen to various genres of music. I am a great fan of classic instrumentals and jazz, too!
  12. I love watching and playing basketball. I don’t stand out in this sport but I really love dribbling and shooting and that entire ball-catching and court trash-talking thing. Haha.
  13. I have no “airplane experience” yet, hopefully sooner.
  14. I am a very appreciative person. I am not hard to please. I’m just not sure if I’m being able to show it.
  15. I have always loved dancing. I attend zumba classes because I really can’t give dancing up. The health and fitness benefits are just my secondary reasons.
  16. My favorite number is 16, simply because I was born on the 16th of the month.
  17. I am a crybaby. Until now. My tears fall easily. I cry when I'm happy, I cry when I'm mad. Blame my eyes.
  18. I have a thing for proposals and weddings. Sometimes I really want to be a proposal/wedding planner/coordinator but I think being one is actually more serious than how I think it is.
  19. I still believe that marriage [and sex] are sacred.
  20. My favorite color is blue. Give me anything blue and I might say “I love you” right away. Haha! I love violet, pink and orange sometimes though.
  21. I am infinite and I don’t let the rules define me. To define is to limit, you know. I don’t think I am limited. ;)

There you go! And yes, I provided 21 instead of 20. ;) I won’t be tagging people because I don’t think anyone would actually take time to read this. Would just share it anyway. Haha!


  1. You were so wrong haha!! I read your your 20 facts. Boy is that called Potterhead?! I had no idea but I'm one too. Have read all the books and seen the movies 20 times:D


    1. I have even memorized some lines and I recite 'em in Brit accent! Haha!

  2. Whooaaa im a potterhead too! So hello there my friend! And i envy you. Yes. envy, for you have the smallest feet size ever! Yours is size 4 and is size 9 yeaaaah!

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    Visit my blog: www.sarahrizaga.blogspot.com

    1. I think we're both facing a dilemma when we shop for shoes! Haha! It's hard to find great pumps if you're size 4! :D


  3. Replies
    1. Thank you so much! Up to visiting your blog!


  4. Wonderful facts about you! I love facts so that I can get to known the other blogger so easily! My favorite color is blue, too by the way ;-))

    ♘ www.sugarpopfashion.com ♘

    1. Thanks so much! And glad you love the color blue, too! ♥



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