Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Glad It Was Over

This isn’t a rant, because if it’s a rant I know you wouldn’t take time to read it. Here’s something for us to reflect on:

As the cliché goes, some people just come and go. Some are meant to be in our lives to give us memories, then leave to teach us lessons afterwards. Either way, they’ve been a part of our happiness and pain, love and hurt, sunny days and rainy nights. These are things that are indeed inevitable, and it’s something we really can’t control.

It has never been easy to have our walls down and let someone in, with all the uncertainty if things will be worth it later on. It’s a big risk because it’s our hearts at stake, and it’s our emotions on bet. Questions will start to pop out: Do we look good together? Are things going to work out? Will this last? Yet, we push through with it. Why? Because we feel happy, we feel belonged, and most of all, we feel loved. Then we start to make memories with these people. We try several “first time’s” with them and tell them our past as if we’re sure enough that we’re going to be with them in the future. We just feel comfortable and thrilled and overjoyed. Elated. Ecstatic. Euphoric.

But you see, some good things really don’t just last. Words are spoken and hearts are broken, and the once oh-so-perfect scene becomes a tragedy we would not want to remember. We hear those love songs that make us cry, and we torture ourselves because we got hurt by an excruciating “goodbye”. We begin to build the walls around us again and guard our hearts so that the next time somebody knocks on our door, we would be extra careful before opening the chances again.

Unfortunately, we never really learn. Walls are burned and hearts are unlocked once more, realizing that we have trusted the wrong person (maybe for the nth time in history) in the end. And yes, the cycle just goes on…

Then we come to a point wherein we’re already fed up. Upon realizing our worth, we begin to love ourselves more; we gain a deeper appreciation of our being and lose grip of those who never got to hold us tight. We let go and move on – the real kind, okay? We make those genuine smiles again, and finally feel that we really don’t give a damn to those a**holes who just used us and took us for granted before. We take pictures of ourselves, compare them to the old photos, and see how everything about us has changed for the better – and we are now ready to explore a new world because we now know ourselves more – we now adore every imperfection that defines that beauty in us.

That’s the time we get what the good in goodbye really means.

I will end this post with a song that really suits the source of what I’m pointing out now. Yeah, let’s just be glad that it’s really over. ;)

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