Monday, May 19, 2014

Sun-kissed at Antel Grand Village

Long time, no post. And since I'm out of my smart phone at the moment (it dived yesterday while I was doing a jump shoot on the pool), I guess it's time to say hi again to my blog because I wasn't able to post #ootd's and #selfie's from yesterday's splash out. Haha. And I missed blogging, so, here I am again. :)

We (family & some family friends) went to Antel Grand Village yesterday to enjoy its awesome water park. It is located at General Trias, Cavite (accessible from Manila through Coastal Road via CAVITEX, and Centennial Road, and also, via SLEX through Daang Hari). It's not a public water park though. It's exclusive for the village's lot owners and listed guests.

It's a perfect place to put on your best swimmies if you're too busy to have a beach getaway or if you just really want to chill by the waters. Geez, the place is just so amazing! It's really a "quiet place in the city". The place isn't too crowded (well, it's an exclusive water park, that's why), and it's really a well-maintained amenity of the village. No loud music, no videoke, just pure greens and blues. :)

Anyway, here are my sun-kissed photos taken yesterday:

Swimmies| Chiccraze_shoppe (top) & Sassa (mini-shorts)

Forgive me for my vanity! Haha. Antel Grand Village Water Park has five pools (photos taken from Google Images):

The LaBoracay feels of the Beach Pool! ;)

The Kiddie Pool and the Party Pool are just beside each other. See the Pool Bar?
Hah! Drinks, anyone?! :)

The relaxing Lap Pool with beach beds on the water! This one's my favorite spot.

The Massage Pool Bed is actually the most crowded place. Haha.
I wouldn't wonder why. I even saw a baby sleeping there. LOL.

* credits to the owners of the photos

I suppose that's all for the update. Until next time! ;) xoxo

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