Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Sk8r Girl

Aside from our whereabouts, our mood is definitely one of the factors that define the outfit that we're going to wear for the day. Sometimes we feel edgy or classic, but there are moments when we feel like looking feminine (or masculine) and polished too.

I have to stick with the smart casual attire that we're required to wear in the office, but I really felt like having a preppy look yesterday (as inspired by Taylor Swift here). Pullovers and skater skirts are among the easiest clothes to pair up. It's effortless to mix and match pullovers and skater skirts because they could really go a long way. You could wear them on a party with your high heels on but you could also wear them for a walk on the mall using your flats. Definitely a must-have.

Sorry for the low-quality photos.
Just used my phone's cam, used the same to edit 'em. ;)

Since it's a stripe black-and-brown match, I decided to use my black skater skirt. Black is really a color that could give an edgy aura to any outfit.

My Keds wedges are indeed my favorite shoes now. It's really a chic item and it could go from vintage to sporty to edgy to girly. Who wouldn't want to have a pair of shoes that could really make a statement? :)

I also tied my hair down so it would match the girly-ness of my #ootd. I'm really fond of having my hair this way too. :)

I didn't put accessories anymore because I don't want to look overdressed in the office. Besides, it looks classically vintage this way. Less is more, isn't it?

Pullover| MySassyDoll
Skater Skirt| Thrift Shop
Wedges| Keds

Thanks to my officemate Bryan for taking my photos. :)

I really love mixing and matching clothes. It feels good that one outfit could bring an entirely different look when paired with another item. :) In the end, it still depends on your confidence and on how you carry yourself. ;)

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