Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Online Shopping: How I See It

Oh summer! :") Haha! I really just felt like posting this photo because it really looks so summer-y. It doesn't have anything to do with this post though. Haha!

I know there are already a bunch of articles about online shopping but I just want to share my insights about it to you, my dear readers. I have been into online shopping lately and it's just as addictive as how real-time shopping is.

I've always loved going around the mall looking for clothes and other stuff, whether or not I have the intention on buying them. It's nice to look for clothes that would fit you well and at the same time, show your mood when you wear them. I can take hours strolling around the mall (especially when I'm with my Mom) just to shop [and sometimes, just window-shop, IYKWIM].

Social networking sites like Facebook and Instagram really do provide a place for online sellers (especially Instagram, in my opinion).

Shopping online really saves time and effort. You need not tag your boyfriend or your best friend along with you because shopping is as easy as one click away. Contact numbers are provided by the sellers and if by any case you get to have an eye for their items, they could just be reached through text, Viber or WeChat. Plus, most of the items that are being sold online are pretty much affordable. So far, I haven't yet encountered any disappointment with regard to the items I bought from online shops (Chiccraze_choppe, Sonyuhsidae_shop, MySassyDoll, InstaWearPH - to name a few, all from IG).

If you know your body well, just a sight of the clothes would actually give you a picture on how they'd look on you. Size frames are also included on the posts, so the clothes' fitting is not much of a big deal (though sometimes you really just don't get lucky and you get to have a wrong estimate of the size).

I'm sort of a fan of branded items to be honest, but I don't mind wearing not-so-known brands or clothes from DivisoriaBaclaran or thrift shops if I find them classy and fab. Fashion is all about showing who you are anyway, and NOT the brands that you're wearing. :)

One more convenience of online shopping is that the items you've ordered could be delivered to the place of your choice. :) It may be at your home or office address, it's all up to you. The sellers do provide tracking numbers for you to monitor the delivery.

Just a tip: NEVER SEND AN ORDER FORM unless you really want the item badly and if you're not a 101% sure buyer. You wouldn't want to be posted on their page as a bogus buyer, would you? Plus, NEVER BUY AN ITEM unless you're really dying to get the item. Or maybe you could try to check your favorite outfit boutique first. If the item you saw online can't be found somewhere or can't be bought cheaper (check your budget also), DON'T BUY IT.

Your closet cravings are indeed a good investment, but don't go overspending on them. Always stick to your lifestyle. If you can't afford the branded stuff, there are a lot of places where you could still buy cheaper ones. It's not about the price tag, honey, it's about how you carry yourself. And always remember, fashion is all about comfort and confidence.

Dress your way! ;)

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  1. Thank you for sharing your thought about online shopping Histrionic Deity! I really loved the line "it's not about the brand, it's about showing who you are" line!


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