Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Live It Loud: Working Out

I wake up at quarter to 5 during weekdays to have a 15-minute workout before having my breakfast. I do ab crunches and some stretching before getting ready for work to awaken my nerves. Also, I still do the same for 15 minutes before finally dozing off at night.

What I am most excited about weekend is not actually the rest mode thing but the point that I would be able to have a full workout. There's really that fulfillment whenever I feel that my muscles are in action. I wake up at around 5 in the morning to do brisk walking and jogging from our house to The District - Imus (Daang Hari Road) then vice versa (around 7 kms, done within approximately one-and-a-half hour). After that, I still do ab crunches and cooling down for 20-30 minutes.

Working out in proper work-out clothes could also increase your enthusiasm (aside from your goal, of course - as for me, I'm working out to have a firm stomach with lady abs). Aside from being on your comfortable clothes, your feet should feel comfy, too. I use my Skechers Tone-up shoes whenever I jog. I used to have my old Nike on but when I saw the Tone-up shoes at Skechers, geez, I bought it right away because it really feels good on the feet (plus it comes with a workout CD)!

I don't do the no-rice diet, BTW. I always eat heavy breakfast, and have little snacks, enough lunch, and light dinner. I don't eat heavy meals in the evening because I've read an article saying that it is advisable to not have them beyond 5PM (unless it's unavoidable, e.g. parties). I also choose tea over coffee now (unless I'm having a Starbucks date) because tea really aids your body in digestion (according to research).

If you want to be physically fit, start young (it's never too late though, if you're no longer on your youth). Engage yourself in sports (I do volleyball and basketball - I'm not really an exceptional player, but at least) and eat well. You may have cheat days (I do have that too), but don't make everyday your cheat day. It's for your body, remember?

Prevention is better than cure. Never stop enhancing yourself. Work it out, dress it up, and live it loud! ;)

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