Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Going Denim

Denims never really run out of style. Ever since the word fashion has entered the world, denims never went out of the blue. From vests to pants, denims can really be styled in a lot of ways. What's so good about denims is that it's already an on-the-go outfit that could be matched with anything - from laid-back dressing to statement attires.

My officemates and I decided to take a mini photo shoot during lunch time. Since I'm in an all-denim-attire today, I decided to share my #ootd because I really feel active and driven with what I'm wearing. :)

Since it's so hot outside and I am a commuter today (most of the time my Dad drops me at my office before he goes to work), I  wore a sleeveless and a denim-looking type of blazer so I would be at ease even though I'd be racing with other commuters on the road. ;)

The sleeveless has very thin black and white stripe details. The blazer is not really a denim, but its color and texture does match like those of denim jackets, only with a lighter fabric, which is just perfect for the hot temperature outside and coldness in the office.

I tied my hair up portraying a smart sporty look (and because it's oh so hot). I also used a thick ragged belt to accentuate my skinny jeans.

And since my ever favorite shoes could give a blow for this look, I used my Keds wedges again. :) The price I paid for this pair is really worth it. ;)

 Thanks to my officemates Adrian and Cay for taking turns in these shots.

Sleeveless| Surplus Shop
Blazer| Thrift Shop
Belt| Bench
Pants| Crissa
Wedges| Keds
Wristwatch| Guess

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Sk8r Girl

Aside from our whereabouts, our mood is definitely one of the factors that define the outfit that we're going to wear for the day. Sometimes we feel edgy or classic, but there are moments when we feel like looking feminine (or masculine) and polished too.

I have to stick with the smart casual attire that we're required to wear in the office, but I really felt like having a preppy look yesterday (as inspired by Taylor Swift here). Pullovers and skater skirts are among the easiest clothes to pair up. It's effortless to mix and match pullovers and skater skirts because they could really go a long way. You could wear them on a party with your high heels on but you could also wear them for a walk on the mall using your flats. Definitely a must-have.

Sorry for the low-quality photos.
Just used my phone's cam, used the same to edit 'em. ;)

Since it's a stripe black-and-brown match, I decided to use my black skater skirt. Black is really a color that could give an edgy aura to any outfit.

My Keds wedges are indeed my favorite shoes now. It's really a chic item and it could go from vintage to sporty to edgy to girly. Who wouldn't want to have a pair of shoes that could really make a statement? :)

I also tied my hair down so it would match the girly-ness of my #ootd. I'm really fond of having my hair this way too. :)

I didn't put accessories anymore because I don't want to look overdressed in the office. Besides, it looks classically vintage this way. Less is more, isn't it?

Pullover| MySassyDoll
Skater Skirt| Thrift Shop
Wedges| Keds

Thanks to my officemate Bryan for taking my photos. :)

I really love mixing and matching clothes. It feels good that one outfit could bring an entirely different look when paired with another item. :) In the end, it still depends on your confidence and on how you carry yourself. ;)

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Live It Loud: Working Out

I wake up at quarter to 5 during weekdays to have a 15-minute workout before having my breakfast. I do ab crunches and some stretching before getting ready for work to awaken my nerves. Also, I still do the same for 15 minutes before finally dozing off at night.

What I am most excited about weekend is not actually the rest mode thing but the point that I would be able to have a full workout. There's really that fulfillment whenever I feel that my muscles are in action. I wake up at around 5 in the morning to do brisk walking and jogging from our house to The District - Imus (Daang Hari Road) then vice versa (around 7 kms, done within approximately one-and-a-half hour). After that, I still do ab crunches and cooling down for 20-30 minutes.

Working out in proper work-out clothes could also increase your enthusiasm (aside from your goal, of course - as for me, I'm working out to have a firm stomach with lady abs). Aside from being on your comfortable clothes, your feet should feel comfy, too. I use my Skechers Tone-up shoes whenever I jog. I used to have my old Nike on but when I saw the Tone-up shoes at Skechers, geez, I bought it right away because it really feels good on the feet (plus it comes with a workout CD)!

I don't do the no-rice diet, BTW. I always eat heavy breakfast, and have little snacks, enough lunch, and light dinner. I don't eat heavy meals in the evening because I've read an article saying that it is advisable to not have them beyond 5PM (unless it's unavoidable, e.g. parties). I also choose tea over coffee now (unless I'm having a Starbucks date) because tea really aids your body in digestion (according to research).

If you want to be physically fit, start young (it's never too late though, if you're no longer on your youth). Engage yourself in sports (I do volleyball and basketball - I'm not really an exceptional player, but at least) and eat well. You may have cheat days (I do have that too), but don't make everyday your cheat day. It's for your body, remember?

Prevention is better than cure. Never stop enhancing yourself. Work it out, dress it up, and live it loud! ;)

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Online Shopping: How I See It

Oh summer! :") Haha! I really just felt like posting this photo because it really looks so summer-y. It doesn't have anything to do with this post though. Haha!

I know there are already a bunch of articles about online shopping but I just want to share my insights about it to you, my dear readers. I have been into online shopping lately and it's just as addictive as how real-time shopping is.

I've always loved going around the mall looking for clothes and other stuff, whether or not I have the intention on buying them. It's nice to look for clothes that would fit you well and at the same time, show your mood when you wear them. I can take hours strolling around the mall (especially when I'm with my Mom) just to shop [and sometimes, just window-shop, IYKWIM].

Social networking sites like Facebook and Instagram really do provide a place for online sellers (especially Instagram, in my opinion).

Shopping online really saves time and effort. You need not tag your boyfriend or your best friend along with you because shopping is as easy as one click away. Contact numbers are provided by the sellers and if by any case you get to have an eye for their items, they could just be reached through text, Viber or WeChat. Plus, most of the items that are being sold online are pretty much affordable. So far, I haven't yet encountered any disappointment with regard to the items I bought from online shops (Chiccraze_choppe, Sonyuhsidae_shop, MySassyDoll, InstaWearPH - to name a few, all from IG).

If you know your body well, just a sight of the clothes would actually give you a picture on how they'd look on you. Size frames are also included on the posts, so the clothes' fitting is not much of a big deal (though sometimes you really just don't get lucky and you get to have a wrong estimate of the size).

I'm sort of a fan of branded items to be honest, but I don't mind wearing not-so-known brands or clothes from DivisoriaBaclaran or thrift shops if I find them classy and fab. Fashion is all about showing who you are anyway, and NOT the brands that you're wearing. :)

One more convenience of online shopping is that the items you've ordered could be delivered to the place of your choice. :) It may be at your home or office address, it's all up to you. The sellers do provide tracking numbers for you to monitor the delivery.

Just a tip: NEVER SEND AN ORDER FORM unless you really want the item badly and if you're not a 101% sure buyer. You wouldn't want to be posted on their page as a bogus buyer, would you? Plus, NEVER BUY AN ITEM unless you're really dying to get the item. Or maybe you could try to check your favorite outfit boutique first. If the item you saw online can't be found somewhere or can't be bought cheaper (check your budget also), DON'T BUY IT.

Your closet cravings are indeed a good investment, but don't go overspending on them. Always stick to your lifestyle. If you can't afford the branded stuff, there are a lot of places where you could still buy cheaper ones. It's not about the price tag, honey, it's about how you carry yourself. And always remember, fashion is all about comfort and confidence.

Dress your way! ;)

Monday, May 19, 2014

Sun-kissed at Antel Grand Village

Long time, no post. And since I'm out of my smart phone at the moment (it dived yesterday while I was doing a jump shoot on the pool), I guess it's time to say hi again to my blog because I wasn't able to post #ootd's and #selfie's from yesterday's splash out. Haha. And I missed blogging, so, here I am again. :)

We (family & some family friends) went to Antel Grand Village yesterday to enjoy its awesome water park. It is located at General Trias, Cavite (accessible from Manila through Coastal Road via CAVITEX, and Centennial Road, and also, via SLEX through Daang Hari). It's not a public water park though. It's exclusive for the village's lot owners and listed guests.

It's a perfect place to put on your best swimmies if you're too busy to have a beach getaway or if you just really want to chill by the waters. Geez, the place is just so amazing! It's really a "quiet place in the city". The place isn't too crowded (well, it's an exclusive water park, that's why), and it's really a well-maintained amenity of the village. No loud music, no videoke, just pure greens and blues. :)

Anyway, here are my sun-kissed photos taken yesterday:

Swimmies| Chiccraze_shoppe (top) & Sassa (mini-shorts)

Forgive me for my vanity! Haha. Antel Grand Village Water Park has five pools (photos taken from Google Images):

The LaBoracay feels of the Beach Pool! ;)

The Kiddie Pool and the Party Pool are just beside each other. See the Pool Bar?
Hah! Drinks, anyone?! :)

The relaxing Lap Pool with beach beds on the water! This one's my favorite spot.

The Massage Pool Bed is actually the most crowded place. Haha.
I wouldn't wonder why. I even saw a baby sleeping there. LOL.

* credits to the owners of the photos

I suppose that's all for the update. Until next time! ;) xoxo
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