Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Vampire Academy: Why?

As part of my pre-birthday celebration with my special friend Kiko, we watched Vampire Academy (VA) at Trinoma last Feb. 15, Saturday. I was really excited to see the movie because VA was actually one of the best young adult fictions I've ever read. When I saw the trailer, I was half excited and half disappointed - excited because finally VA would be on the big screen and disappointed because the mood on the trailer was actually far from what I had felt when I read the book. I still gave it a shot though, giving the benefit of the doubt to the movie adaptation.

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The first part of the movie was sort of like an audio-visual presentation of the types of creatures that the watchers would be meeting. A plus-one and a minus-one for that: plus-one because I didn't have to explain to Kiko what VA is generally all about and a minus-one because hey, it just sucks. Simply like that.

I didn't feel much of the excitement, thrill and romance that one should've felt knowing that VA is such a wonderful book. Richelle Mead wrote it majestically and it was really disappointing to see it on a mediocre adaptation. I admit I was expecting more, it's a Mead work, you know?

Why was it just like that? Every chapter of the book was really exciting. I didn't even feel the beginning of the connection between Rose Hathaway and Dimitri Belikov. It was more on trying-to-be-a-RomCom than a YA-paranormal-romance film. It's not the kind of movie that would receive comments such as spectacular, wonderful or awesome. Really, it's not really worth the watch. Sorry for that harsh comment but that's really what I think.

Well I just thank Kiko for watching it with me even though [obviously] no guy would actually watch VA on-screen for random reasons. And good thing he got what the movie was all about, at least. :)))

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