Friday, March 14, 2014

LPU Le Café Experience

I was privileged enough to be invited to LPU-CITHM H344's Final Function yesterday at Le Cafe (Lyceum of the Philippines - Manila). Thanks to my very special friend (LOL) Kiko for the invitation. Haha! I wasn't able to come the first time he invited me so when he asked me again yesterday I really didn't hesitate to go. I even brought a friend for company since Kiko's among the Service Team during the function.

I can't exactly remember the names of the dishes but here they are, to commend the H344 team for the plating. :)

The mushroom soup and the pizza served as the appetizers. I loved the texture of the mushroom soup. The pizza was delicious however the dough wasn't actually done well. The taste overpowered that though. ;) 

I'm not really a salad lover but I'd raise my two thumbs up for this dish, both for the plating and the combination of the tastes. Sweet and sour and spicy all at the same time - they all played in my mouth wonderfully! The avocado was a surprise, really. :)

They served fish belly, dilis & mango sprout, chicken and egg for the main dish, and I must say that it was really a superb mix of those viands.

For someone who really loves sweets, desserts are always the best part. Enough said.

It was indeed a sumptuous dinner (and ultimate cheat day too!). Yay! Thanks a bunch Kiko! ;)

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