Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Claudine Faylogna Version 2.0

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I wasn't able to make a Christmas and a year-end post last December so belated Happy Holidays to everyone. I know that even though there had been lots of tragedies in the Philippines last year, the positive Filipino spirit will always be there. :)

The latter part of my 2013 didn't go well. I fell, and got broken. But still, I believe that everything happens for a reason. It was painful, yes, but that wouldn't stop me from holding on that God has always something in store for me. I may not understand why immediately, but I will in the right time. People come and go, which simply says that you have to be firm enough to cope with changes.

And true to the cliché, when one door closes, another one opens. My heart is in a wonderful state right now. I can't say that it's totally healed, but I can feel it's very much fine. :) And I thank God for giving me a new friend who's actually doing well in making me smile these past couple of days, and for making me feel that I can strive to be better than who I was. This isn't love, definitely not [yet], but I'm happy for this new found friendship. I'm taking my time, and it's all up to God now. And I trust Him that He won't let me fall hard again without His permission. :)

I used my mobile phone in typing this post BTW. Now I can post without logging on to my laptop. :D

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