Friday, January 17, 2014

Bride for Rent

"Commiment lasts forever."

Last night after work, I hurried myself to watch the last full show of Bride for Rent starring Xian Lim & Kim Chiu. As a fan of RomCom (romance-comedy) films and as an avid fan of the KimXi loveteam, I really wanted to watch the movie in the big screen on its first week and good thing I was able to.

Kim's natural sense of humor and Xian's effortless charm were probably the key why the movie received a lot of good reviews from watchers.

It wasn't just about making the people laugh through their lines and actions (especially Kim & Empoy), but it was also about putting into the picture the essence of commitment, honesty, trust and love.

This movie is for those who take their relationships for granted. It is for those who think that commitment is just a word. That marriage isn't sacred. That everything is all about money. That life is under your control.

This movie is for those who value their partners so much. It is for those who believe that commitment is something that one should stand strong with. That marriage is a once in a lifetime experience. That trust is the most important thing in a relationship. That life is actually about loving and being loved.

This movie is for everyone. For those who believe in destiny, and for those who think that love is a decision. For those who believe in sparks, and for those who think that it is us who make our magic.

This is for those who do and do not believe in forever. For those who accept their partners for who they are, and for those who change for the better because it's what their partners deserve.

This movie will indeed teach everyone a lesson. :)

"Forever means giving the person you love unlimited chances of loving you right every waking day of your life."

I believe in love. I believe in commitments. I believe in marriage. I believe in forever. :)

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