Sunday, May 26, 2013

Little Miss Match

I just want to share a style experiment I did as inspired by Ms. Patricia Prieto's outfit post "It Ain't About the Money" dated May 13, 2013. I wore this one last Sunday when we attended the mass at The Orchard Golf and Country Club.

Since I don't have a crop top that seemed to match my skirt, I opted to wear a shirt and just tucked it in so that it may look a little formal, classy, edgy and simple all at the same time. :)

And since I'm really loving the magic of a scarf, I used a pink one to put mood to my outfit since I used monochrome colors with my main attire. :) I soooo love how a scarf can maximize a minimum look.

The hall where the mass is held every Sunday is actually a ramp, so I knew very well that wearing high heels, whether pointed or wedge, would ruin my comfort and would actually take my focus away from the Holy Mass. So instead of sacrificing that, I wore flats. To tell you honestly, I only have few pairs of flats 'cause I'm more into heels ('cause of my height LOL), that's why I've just had few choices. I wore my black doll shoes 'cause it's one, the safest and two, the only one, I think, that could match the skirt and the shirt. Plus I would confess that I was in a kind of a rush that's why I wasn't able to put on enough accessories to highlight the look. :D But I believe it was fine even though it was in a minimalist mode. :)

Shirt: Bonjour de Coup
Skirt: Divided by H&M
Scarf: *a gift from Mom*
Sunnies: Mingfa
Flats: Shoe Box (SM Dept. Store)

And just like what other fashion enthusiasts would say, never give up comfort just for style. Confidence is the best key to a good look, and it comes when you're comfortable with what you're wearing. ;)

By the way, I participated on the Brotherhood of Businessmen and Professionals (BCBP) Fun Run this morning and ran for the 3kms-track. I'll try to blog about it next time. ;) For now, I'll just wish you all a Happy Sunday!

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