Monday, May 6, 2013

All the Single Ladies

As of this very moment, we all are. Haha! :))

My sisters at heart, Lara, Gigi and Ehcel stayed at home over the weekend. Bonding overload indeed!

After dinner last Friday, we started dyeing our hairs.

Getting ready for our hair dyeing session!

I colored Gigi's hair hihi :D

While I was already rinsing my hair at around 12 midnight, it blacked out and since we couldn't continue our movie marathon that night, we've had our Tanduay Cocktail - Margarita in candle light. We exchanged stories to catch up and reminisced our high school days while having our shots. We even had red wine after actually. LOL.

The black out ended at around 3AM and we were so sleepy then so we dozed off. We were home alone that Saturday because my parents and siblings attended the Brotherhood of Christian Businessmen and Professionals (BCBP) - Imus Chpater's Be Honest Motorcade. I was supposed to join them but since our sleepover bonding was scheduled that day, I opted to stay with my F's. :)

All day, we watched movies, Wrong Turn marathon and Possession, and sang our hearts out on the videoke. Plus red wine galore. :)

At around 5:30PM, we already went to Paradisso Terrestre to meet another sister, Vernisse, and splash for our night swimming.

Red wine galore mehehe :D

Uupon arriving at Paradiso! :)

Meet my girls since junior high!
Vernisse (I call her Jarrah though), Gigi, Ehcel, Lara (though I call her Pinar, her surname mehe)

Cham wasn't with us though. Quite sad that we're not complete with out ultimate summer reunion. :( Hopefully next time. :)

BTW, these people are fond of calling me FAY or FAYlogna. If that's how you call me, it just means that we're good friends since high school. :)

Dad fetched us at around 10PM. He dropped Vernisse off at their house before going home. We played cards and still exchanged stories while having our cups of coffee before sleeping.

The four of us attended the mass with my family the next day. We didn't have our mass at Fernbrook Gardens like we usually do because it was already late. We went to the Orchard Golf and Country Club for the mass instead. My parents, especially my Dad, go there every Saturday for breakfast with other members of the BCBP. We also go there whenever there are BCBP family activities.

And since it's really undeniable that the view at The Orchard is picture-perfect, I brought Parallax (my SLR :p) with me for our mini-photoshoot. :)

My girlfriends are really the best! :D When I'm with them, there's no room for screening my secrets and pretensions. We all have that mutual trust that acceptance matters and friendship rules. These people really know when to talk and how to listen, say you're stupid when you really are, slap your face when you need to wake up, kick your butt when you're becoming a bad a** - they're just too honest and natural and one of a kind that my life would really be incomplete without them. :)

For the six years of friendship, I must say I could could compare our bond to the double rainbow I took a shot of yesterday afternoon: Colorful. Unique. Infinite.

Rainbow Times Two

We could hardly remember how our friendship started. All we know is that no matter what happens, it won't end. :)


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