Monday, May 27, 2013

Who says I'm kind?

I just feel like I have to let it all out.

There are a lot of thinkings I did lately making me realize that I've been such a living disaster. Not that I've been an accident-magnet or whatsoever, because I am not, but hey, I know I've been less of a good girl, far from what most people think I am. I've been too locked up in the past, with all my reasons dwelling from yesterday. I know that's not right, because no matter how I try to move on, I won't be able to because I'm still not freeing myself from the bad memories of yesterday. And that what makes things uneasy and complicated.

Happiness is a choice, right? If I choose to be happy, then I wouldn't feel jealousy, envy, hate or anything in between even if it's part of human nature. If I choose to be happy, then I get to be good. I've been through a lot of challenges and breakdowns - family, financial, studies, love life, friendship - I've reached way too far to stop, back down and not go for the gold. I've let go of too much lacrimal fluid to say "I QUIT." Why should I, anyway? I'm too much loved - I was just too blinded to see that. Many look up to me and admire me for whatever strength, wit or personality they see. I really treasure that and I deeply value the people who see me as an inspiration.

We're all kind of a little weird and a little mean, enforcing the "human nature" in us that actually destroys our aim to be better people. The expression "sorry, tao lang" won't give anyone the urge to get up for self-formation. I know because I've been there.

I guess I should learn to accept that things happen because GOD really wants them to happen, for the right reason that will then be revealed at the right time. Maybe not now, maybe not tomorrow, but sooner or later, I will understand. 

For now, I'm choosing to be HAPPY, and I'm choosing to be FREE. :)

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Little Miss Match

I just want to share a style experiment I did as inspired by Ms. Patricia Prieto's outfit post "It Ain't About the Money" dated May 13, 2013. I wore this one last Sunday when we attended the mass at The Orchard Golf and Country Club.

Since I don't have a crop top that seemed to match my skirt, I opted to wear a shirt and just tucked it in so that it may look a little formal, classy, edgy and simple all at the same time. :)

And since I'm really loving the magic of a scarf, I used a pink one to put mood to my outfit since I used monochrome colors with my main attire. :) I soooo love how a scarf can maximize a minimum look.

The hall where the mass is held every Sunday is actually a ramp, so I knew very well that wearing high heels, whether pointed or wedge, would ruin my comfort and would actually take my focus away from the Holy Mass. So instead of sacrificing that, I wore flats. To tell you honestly, I only have few pairs of flats 'cause I'm more into heels ('cause of my height LOL), that's why I've just had few choices. I wore my black doll shoes 'cause it's one, the safest and two, the only one, I think, that could match the skirt and the shirt. Plus I would confess that I was in a kind of a rush that's why I wasn't able to put on enough accessories to highlight the look. :D But I believe it was fine even though it was in a minimalist mode. :)

Shirt: Bonjour de Coup
Skirt: Divided by H&M
Scarf: *a gift from Mom*
Sunnies: Mingfa
Flats: Shoe Box (SM Dept. Store)

And just like what other fashion enthusiasts would say, never give up comfort just for style. Confidence is the best key to a good look, and it comes when you're comfortable with what you're wearing. ;)

By the way, I participated on the Brotherhood of Businessmen and Professionals (BCBP) Fun Run this morning and ran for the 3kms-track. I'll try to blog about it next time. ;) For now, I'll just wish you all a Happy Sunday!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Weekend at the City of Pines (late post)

As a graduation treat for my sister and I (aside from our dine out after grad), our family plus Tito Yeng stayed at Baguio from May 11 - 13. :) We stayed at Teacher's Camp for the weekend. We got a huge room for six, with two big bedrooms and five "double" beds. And since Baguio's temperature during night was really cold, we didn't need aircon or fans. The breeze was enough to make us wear our jacket and cover ourselves with blanket.

We visited, in no particular order, Mines View Park, The Mansion, Botanical Garden, Wright Park, Philippine Military Academy, Lourdes Grotto, Strawberry Farm, Burnham Park, Camp John Hay, Pacdal Church and Baguio Cathedral. I'd really be glad if we'd stay there on December for Christmas. :D Though the Summer Capital of the Philippines isn't as cold as it used to be and since it's pretty much crowded now, it's still nicer to smell fresh air in the province - the pines, views and the "It's more fun in the Philippines" spirit! ;)

We also went to Manaoag Church before going home. :)

And you know what? Nothing's better than quality time with your beloved family! We celebrated Mother's Day there too. We gave Mom a simple gift and since what we gave her is not really something, I bought her a summer hat when I went to Lucban, Quezon during the Pahiyas Festival (see post).

By the way, here's my favorite shot when I was in my "aspiring photographer mode" at Baguio. This was taken at the Botanical Garden. :D

P.S. Sorry for the photo-dump-slash-lazy-post. And the unorganized order of the photos. Mehehe.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Pahiyas Festival 2013 (late post)

MAY 15, 2013 - Oh yes! For the very first time, I was able to witness one of the most famous fiestas in the Philippines. Sir Momon invited the whole Fauna and Flora International (FFI) staff to see the very known Pahiyas Festival at Lucban, Quezon.

I wasn't able to take my own photos because I didn't bring Parallax with me. I just grabbed these photos from our finance manager's Facebook account. I was actually the one who held and captured most of the photos using her camera anyway. :)

Aside from enjoying the colorful view and the food at Sir Momon's house, I was able to buy pasalubong for the family plus a beach hat for my Mom. I know she wanted to buy one in Baguio but just didn't because she thought of us more. :) We've also had a happy roadtrip along Laguna on our way back to our office at Tagaytay.

I reached home few minutes before12 midnight that day. It was tiring but indeed a memorable one. ;) The Pahiyas Festival is indeed one of the view things that we must be proud of as Filipinos. It just shows how creative and grateful the Filipinos are. :D

Monday, May 20, 2013

Staying Fit

I know I may not look as sporty 'cause I'm one skinny and petite lady but I know I'm stronger than how I actually look. :p I eat a LOT more than you can imagine and thank God it doesn't show. I can say that one possible reason, aside from my fast metabolism, is my love for movements. Whenever I have enough time, especially during weekends, I do dance routines after eating a slice of bread and that serve as my morning exercise before eating a heavy breakfast. I make sure that I produce sweat and then drink lots of water afterwards.

Yesterday, I've had the opportunity to jog with my sisters's friends. Maybe we've jogged (and walked of course haha) around 3 kms. ;) Nice preparation for the fun run that I'm going to join on Sunday! Anyway, they're also my friends but oh well because of generation gap (LOL) it's kind of awkward to really be "with their group". Though when I join them I know it doesn't really look that way. Mehe :D

L-R: my sister Celine, Gem & Ana Arais, my sister Colleen, Irell Anceno
Photos grabbed from Tito Neil Anceno's Facebook uploads

We are all children of Brotherhood of Christian Businessmen and Professionals (BCBP) members. The kids stayed at home during the weekend and yeahh I joined them with their movie marathon. :)) Feeling bata LOL.

We played volleyball after and ate heavy breakfast at home before getting ready for church. ;)

There's really a refreshing feeling after exercising and loading energy through food and water. :D

By the way, I'm sorry if I wasn't able to make a post about my Baguio getaway last week. I'll try as soon as I can. ;)

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Move On and Grow Up

I still can't find enough time to blog about my most recent summer getaway so pardon me for this lame update. :D I'll try if I can at least have a photo dump this weekend. I wanted to keep you posted but unfortunately I've been too tired with work. Now I've realized that it's really not a joke to make your own "diskarte" and that intelligence doesn't really determine success. You are not defined by what others tell about you and by how your detractors see you. You are not who they think you are - YOU ARE WHO YOU THINK YOU ARE.

By the way, the main purpose of this post is for me to share a song that says a certain story of what I somehow feel. The lyrics of these songs sum me up, and those who I've told about the story would understand why. Care to listen? ;)

Let 'em have their time
Sit back and let 'em shine
Let 'em rise and rise
Cause one day they're gonna fall

Let 'em soak in the sun
Sit back and let 'em have their fun
Let 'em spill their guts
Cause one day they're gonna slip on 'em

Well I could be angry
But you're not worth the fight
And besides I'm moving on
I've counted to ten
And I'm feeling alright
And besides I'm moving on

Let 'em play their songs
Let 'em say what's right and wrong
Let 'em do their thing
Cause they'll never be you and me

We got our own style
We got a way of livin' life
If they can't get down
Well we don't need them around
Well I could be angry

But you're not worth the fight
And besides I'm moving on
I've counted to ten
And I'm feeling alright
And besides I'm moving
Yes I'm moving on
Besides I'm moving on

I told 'em all where to stick it
I left town with a dime to my name
Said I'm done with all of my fake friends
Self-righteous pawns in a losing game

Got my band and a light that won't go out
Been burning since the day I was born
So I cry just little then I'll dry my eyes
'Cause I'm not a little girl, no more

Some of us have to grow up sometimes
And so, if I have to, I'm gonna leave you behind
Some of us have to grow up sometimes
And so, if I have to, I'm gonna leave you behind

Stood in line for so long, it's a picket
Something I will never understand
I'm too tired of always being mad at the world
Won't you just admit you don't care?
Lady I don't want your pity
So don't feel sad for me
I got a love I would die for and a song to sing
Maybe we're both just living out our dreams

Some of us have to grow up sometimes
And so, if I have to, I'm gonna leave you behind
Some of us have to grow up sometimes
And so, if I have to, I'm gonna leave you behind

We get along for the most part
Me and reality, the light and the dark
And we live alone
In two different worlds
Me and a fantasy,
And you and your memories
But we get along
We get along
For the most part
We get along
Yea, for the most part
We get along
For the most part
We get along
We get along
We get along

Some of us have to grow up sometimes
And so, if I have to, I'm gonna leave you behind
Some of us have to grow up sometimes
And so, if I have to, I'm gonna leave you behind (leave you behind)

Some of us have to grow up sometimes
And so, if I have to, I'm gonna leave you behind
Some of us have to grow up sometimes
And so, if I have to, I'm gonna leave you behind

I've learned. I'm not the same kid from your memory.

I know this is kind of a nonsense post, but yeah, let's just move on and grow up together. ;)

Monday, May 6, 2013

All the Single Ladies

As of this very moment, we all are. Haha! :))

My sisters at heart, Lara, Gigi and Ehcel stayed at home over the weekend. Bonding overload indeed!

After dinner last Friday, we started dyeing our hairs.

Getting ready for our hair dyeing session!

I colored Gigi's hair hihi :D

While I was already rinsing my hair at around 12 midnight, it blacked out and since we couldn't continue our movie marathon that night, we've had our Tanduay Cocktail - Margarita in candle light. We exchanged stories to catch up and reminisced our high school days while having our shots. We even had red wine after actually. LOL.

The black out ended at around 3AM and we were so sleepy then so we dozed off. We were home alone that Saturday because my parents and siblings attended the Brotherhood of Christian Businessmen and Professionals (BCBP) - Imus Chpater's Be Honest Motorcade. I was supposed to join them but since our sleepover bonding was scheduled that day, I opted to stay with my F's. :)

All day, we watched movies, Wrong Turn marathon and Possession, and sang our hearts out on the videoke. Plus red wine galore. :)

At around 5:30PM, we already went to Paradisso Terrestre to meet another sister, Vernisse, and splash for our night swimming.

Red wine galore mehehe :D

Uupon arriving at Paradiso! :)

Meet my girls since junior high!
Vernisse (I call her Jarrah though), Gigi, Ehcel, Lara (though I call her Pinar, her surname mehe)

Cham wasn't with us though. Quite sad that we're not complete with out ultimate summer reunion. :( Hopefully next time. :)

BTW, these people are fond of calling me FAY or FAYlogna. If that's how you call me, it just means that we're good friends since high school. :)

Dad fetched us at around 10PM. He dropped Vernisse off at their house before going home. We played cards and still exchanged stories while having our cups of coffee before sleeping.

The four of us attended the mass with my family the next day. We didn't have our mass at Fernbrook Gardens like we usually do because it was already late. We went to the Orchard Golf and Country Club for the mass instead. My parents, especially my Dad, go there every Saturday for breakfast with other members of the BCBP. We also go there whenever there are BCBP family activities.

And since it's really undeniable that the view at The Orchard is picture-perfect, I brought Parallax (my SLR :p) with me for our mini-photoshoot. :)

My girlfriends are really the best! :D When I'm with them, there's no room for screening my secrets and pretensions. We all have that mutual trust that acceptance matters and friendship rules. These people really know when to talk and how to listen, say you're stupid when you really are, slap your face when you need to wake up, kick your butt when you're becoming a bad a** - they're just too honest and natural and one of a kind that my life would really be incomplete without them. :)

For the six years of friendship, I must say I could could compare our bond to the double rainbow I took a shot of yesterday afternoon: Colorful. Unique. Infinite.

Rainbow Times Two

We could hardly remember how our friendship started. All we know is that no matter what happens, it won't end. :)

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