Sunday, April 14, 2013

Graduation Day

APRIL 12, 2013, FRIDAY; MANILA HOTEL - For Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila Batch 2013, this date and place marked one of the biggest days of their lives. And yes, I am one of them. After four years of hardship as I fought my way to becoming a Bachelor of Science in Accountancy (Dalubhasa sa Agham ng Pagtutuos) degree holder, finally, I was be able to reap what I sow.

The College of Accountancy and Economics was scheduled to have the ceremony in the morning. The call time was 6AM so I had to wake up at 3AM to eat and get ready. Ate Shareen started doing my make-up at around quarter to four and finished at five. Dad drove us all the way to the venue and we were just in time to take pictures first before the assembly. :)

CPA by October 2013 ;)

With my epic and crazy college barkada! My friends through sweetness, bitterness, stories and foodtrips! Though we're all gonna be in the same review school, we decided to get separate rooms because it will surely be a riot if we don't! Haha I'm gonna miss these people!

Though we actually didn't practice, the ceremony went well but after one has already received his or her diploma, it's like I don't care what's happening hey there batchmate let's take pictures! LOL.

Good thing we were able to take pictures near the stage!

After the ceremony, we went to Mall of Asia to have our lunch at Cabalen. My younger sisters Colleen and Celine together with my Nang and Tang (mom's side) were already there waiting for us. :-)

Someday, I won't be just posing for a car like this. ;)

We went home afterwards and had a mini photo shoot hehe :D Talk about family vanity :)


I'm really thankful of having to reach this point! Thank GOD for never leaving my side. And thanks to my family especially to my parents for their ceaseless love and support. The journey was never easy, but the end is so sweet. I know this ending is also the beginning of another chapter, and I'm ready to face new challenges.

I'll be a Certified Public Accountant by October 2013; I know I will because I BELIEVE. I believe in MYSELF and I believe in the power of PRAYERS. I won't back down. Never. I've been through a lot to just give up.

I'm now ready to take more risks and get out of my comfort zone. I'm now ready to face the real world - a world that is more than books and classrooms. I'm now ready to prove I'm gonna rock as I make my dreams come true. Failure will never be my option. :-)

By the way, here's a closer view of what I wore during our graduation. :)

Dress: Designed by my Mom, Executed by Rico Moda
6-inched heels: Janylin
(Imagine how 'that' increased my height!)
Bag: Kenneth Cole Reaction

And heyyyy! Finally we (Jessie and Alexis) already got our pre-ordered copies of Paramore's 'Paramore'! It came with a baller and a pin! Jessie and I picked them up at SM Manila Astro yesterday after returning our academic gowns and togas. :) Who's not happy?! Haha! :D

I'm sure my friend Camille is so happy too because she also got her pre-ordered copy yesterday, on her birthday. ;)

You know what? I just feel so blessed. TO GOD BE THE GLORY! :)

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