Sunday, April 21, 2013

For Keeps

After fetching Dad at NAIA from his one-week seminar in Davao, we went to Relans to finally claim my graduation picture. :)

My college barkada! Chester, Jenny, Meriah, Vivian, Mikee (?)
Though Vergel should've been in Mikee's place. :( Yay.

After that, I went to PLM to get my copies of The Ledger 2013. Being the Editor-in-Chief of this year's issue is such an honor. I know that this issue isn't flawless, but I did my best. It feels so good when people congratulate you for a job well done. And I know it's something to really be proud of!

Supportive Mom is supportive! HAHA :) Aside from my complimentary copy, she bought 5 more mehehe. Feels good to make them proud!

I then proceeded to Robinson's Ermita, my high school after-Friday-class nook. I came to have a small reunion with my high school best buds. We're not complete though, 'cause Cham backed out the last minute for some confidential reasons and Arrah is busy with her summer class. We exchanged stories and did our usual bonding back when we were in high school: TIMEZONE (we used to be in G-box back then but we opted to go to Timezone yesterday) and PICTURE TAKING. Haha!

Meet my crazy lovely friends! Lara, Gigi, Ehcel :)
My best buds since third year! 6 years of tried and tested friendship.
I soooooo love this girls. :D

It was indeed a wonderful day to sum up. =) We're actually planning to have overnights here at my place from May 3 to 5! Bonding overload! Excited for that! :D

Back to work tomorrow. Yay! I'm gonna bond with vouchers again. Geez. Oh yes, I'm already an office girl. Haha!

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Graduation Day

APRIL 12, 2013, FRIDAY; MANILA HOTEL - For Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila Batch 2013, this date and place marked one of the biggest days of their lives. And yes, I am one of them. After four years of hardship as I fought my way to becoming a Bachelor of Science in Accountancy (Dalubhasa sa Agham ng Pagtutuos) degree holder, finally, I was be able to reap what I sow.

The College of Accountancy and Economics was scheduled to have the ceremony in the morning. The call time was 6AM so I had to wake up at 3AM to eat and get ready. Ate Shareen started doing my make-up at around quarter to four and finished at five. Dad drove us all the way to the venue and we were just in time to take pictures first before the assembly. :)

CPA by October 2013 ;)

With my epic and crazy college barkada! My friends through sweetness, bitterness, stories and foodtrips! Though we're all gonna be in the same review school, we decided to get separate rooms because it will surely be a riot if we don't! Haha I'm gonna miss these people!

Though we actually didn't practice, the ceremony went well but after one has already received his or her diploma, it's like I don't care what's happening hey there batchmate let's take pictures! LOL.

Good thing we were able to take pictures near the stage!

After the ceremony, we went to Mall of Asia to have our lunch at Cabalen. My younger sisters Colleen and Celine together with my Nang and Tang (mom's side) were already there waiting for us. :-)

Someday, I won't be just posing for a car like this. ;)

We went home afterwards and had a mini photo shoot hehe :D Talk about family vanity :)


I'm really thankful of having to reach this point! Thank GOD for never leaving my side. And thanks to my family especially to my parents for their ceaseless love and support. The journey was never easy, but the end is so sweet. I know this ending is also the beginning of another chapter, and I'm ready to face new challenges.

I'll be a Certified Public Accountant by October 2013; I know I will because I BELIEVE. I believe in MYSELF and I believe in the power of PRAYERS. I won't back down. Never. I've been through a lot to just give up.

I'm now ready to take more risks and get out of my comfort zone. I'm now ready to face the real world - a world that is more than books and classrooms. I'm now ready to prove I'm gonna rock as I make my dreams come true. Failure will never be my option. :-)

By the way, here's a closer view of what I wore during our graduation. :)

Dress: Designed by my Mom, Executed by Rico Moda
6-inched heels: Janylin
(Imagine how 'that' increased my height!)
Bag: Kenneth Cole Reaction

And heyyyy! Finally we (Jessie and Alexis) already got our pre-ordered copies of Paramore's 'Paramore'! It came with a baller and a pin! Jessie and I picked them up at SM Manila Astro yesterday after returning our academic gowns and togas. :) Who's not happy?! Haha! :D

I'm sure my friend Camille is so happy too because she also got her pre-ordered copy yesterday, on her birthday. ;)

You know what? I just feel so blessed. TO GOD BE THE GLORY! :)

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Baccalaureate Mass

First of all, HAPPY FIRST BIRTHDAY TO THIS BLOG! I am looking forward to more blogging years with you! :D

The Baccalaureate Mass / Misa ng Pasasalamat for the graduates took place yesterday. It started at around 9 in the morning. The University Activity Center was filled with all graduating Pantas, scholars of Manila and also, candidates for graduation from the different graduate schools of PLM.

Dad dropped me off at school together with Vivian and Justin who were fetched along the way. Meet the pretty ladies! :P

Meet my crazy blockmates! BSA 4-1 forever! ;)

Here's my friend Karl Ibe! Visit his blog here! :)

Chester, Vivian, Danix, Kat, Ashane, Da, Meray, Me :), Jenny

While waiting for our academic gowns to be distributed, we stayed at Justo Albert Auditorium. This is really one of the most memorable places at PLM for me because this is where I always get to perform before a lot of people. This has also been a witness of the applause and recognition I have received during my four years of stay at PLM. The stage is my home, and the Justo Albert Auditorium will forever be a part of my zealous performer side. ;)

After ten years, finally! We got our togas and since we're so vain and what, we already took pictures! Excited candidates for graduation over here! :)

Can we now pose for the school's tarpaulin ad? Lol!

We were asked to wear our best Sunday dress for the mass and here's what I wore. I wanted to look simple, girly and dainty so there! :)

Dress and belt: It Girl
Shoes: Gibi

TOMORROW is THE DAY! Sooooo excited! Can't to finally say that I am a scholar, a Pantas - a proud graduate of Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila! :)

Tuesday, April 9, 2013


I'm already sleepy but I'm still not in the mood to sleep. I just bought a pair of brown contact lenses because I really don't want to wear my glasses during Baccalaureate Mass and Graduation Ceremony. It's gonna be like hello there little nerdy!

Okayyy. Technically, tomorrow's our Baccalaureate Mass and in two days, I would be receiving my college diploma. Mixed emotions! Right. I feel happy, I feel sad, I feel like running through the walls; I'm overjoyed~

Later, I will be checking the dress I got made for my Graduation Day. I decided to have my dress designed because of three reasons: one, I don't want to stress myself in searching for a "nice" dress; two, I take years (of course this is exaggeration) whenever I go over the malls to find something to wear; and three, I want my dress on that occasion to be special. I mean that day comes once in a lifetime so why not make the most out of it? It's not everyday that you get to have your outfit made just for you. And as a girl, you wouldn't want to see someone having the same outfit as yours, would you? In one way or another, it would definitely affect your day. Fashion 101 - BE UNIQUE. :)

The grad-waiting stage after finishing college is so different from that of high school. I can't find the exact words to actually describe it, but I swear it's so ecstatic. I might get emotional on that day 'cause I'm really not good in controlling my feelings and I'm really not good in goodbyes - either I cry of I break down. LOL.

Supposedly, my sister Colleen and I would be attending the MDDAQP (Fernbrook Chapel, Alabang) Youth Camp 2013. Unfortunately, the camp will be on April 12 - 14. :( I won't be able to enjoy my GradDay if I'll leave right away for the camp and I don't think I would be focused during the camp if I would rush to the venue without composing myself. I'm looking forward to the next Youth Camp and I really hope I could already join next year. For as long as I'm not yet 31, I won't be over-aged for this! Haha.

And heyyyy! Since this post is generally about graduation, let me show you my toga shot! B-D This isn't the official toga photo to be framed yet because I just edited the raw copy the I have and as far as I know our graduation pictures are still at the retouching stage. :)

Funny 'cause whenever my parents introduce me to their colleagues or whenever I get to introduce myself and say that I am already a grad-waiting student, they would actually ask, "High school?" Haha! Fine, I'm petite and baby face (hahaha) - it's a compliment but in a way, a disadvantage but I'm small but terrible so just be it! :p

And with my graduation picture - do I look like a college graduate now? ;)
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