Friday, March 22, 2013

Happy Day

Finally, I’m cleared! No more hip moves and tumbling ‘cause it’s really already done! All I have to do is count the days up to my graduation so I could finally shout, “I’m done with college!”

After submitting our clearance forms to the University Registrar, BSA 4-1 (best block ever!) went to SM Manila. Our barkada (Meray, Ches, Kat, Shane, Da, J, Mikee) originally decided to eat at KFC but when we were told that all of our other blockmates were at McDo-3rd floor and they were waiting for us, we proceeded there right away. Alyzza had her fries party LOL :))) After some stories and blah blah blah, we went to Luneta and roamed around the Perya. It’s my first ever carnival experience and it was really fun ‘cause I have spent it with my college family. Ten of us (including myself) were brave enough (LOL) to try the unsecured Viking ride. And it was soooooo fun! Haha! I shouted at the top of my lungs to lessen the motion that I could’ve felt. Well, Viking (Anchor’s Away at EK) has always been one of my favorite rides. I love adventures, as you may know. Hoho.

courtesy of Erly's camera, taken by Ejay

When we already had nothing to do anymore, we separated our ways. I went to MaSci ‘cause my Dad’s already there (she’d be fetching Mom). It was MaSci’s graduation day and you know what? Upon seeing these graduates, I remembered myself being at the same place four years ago, marking another milestone of my life. IT WAS NOSTALGIC. Time flew too fast and it’s just so overwhelming that I am about to open another chapter of my Book of Life as I would be closing this one.

I still have to return to school next week to distribute The Ledger, and to ask my lower year friends to write onto my uniform. :D

Yiii. It feels so thrilling ha-huh! Thank you LORD, ‘cause you’ve never left me. I had once been too hopeless thinking that I entered the wrong course but now, I know You’ve only given me a challenge. And thank you for helping me get through it. I know that this place where I am now is where I have always been meant to be. I know this is your plan. I know because I believe.

By the way, I did a cover of Breakeven despite my epic colds and runny nose. Haha hope it doesn't sound too awful. :D

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