Saturday, February 16, 2013

The Happiest Birthday Girl

This is really an exceptional birthday for me 'cause so much things happened!

First! PARAMORE's concert last Friday! Jessie (batchmate), Alexis (sophomore) and I already fell in line at the MOA Arena at around 3PM. There were already people there but it wasn't quite a number: GOOD SIGN. At around 6:30, we already entered the Arena. We hurriedly ran to get good places and yeah, we did! :)

At around 7, EJ (junior) arrived. He came late because he attended his classes first. Sooooo...

At around 8, the show already started. One of Paramore's fave bands, mewithoutYou, was their front act and you know what? THESE GUYS ARE AWESOME! I especially admire their drummer because he's just OMG, how could he contain such thrilling beat? It was really a WOW!

After an hour, BOOM, the REAL SHOW began!

Their opening song was their latest single, Now, followed by the epic Riot hits That's What You Get, Born for This (I've always dreamed of rocking with this song live and finally it came true last night!) and For a Pessimist I'm Pretty Optimistic. Hayley Williams is soooooo adorable! They also played Decode, Renegade, Pressure, Careful, In the Mourning, The Only Exception (Everyone was singing and everyone was raising lights and Arena was so beautiful and it was so amazing that I really cried.), Let the Flames Begin (also one of my all-time favorite Paramore tracks), Fences, Looking Up (I really shouted the lines 'It's not a dream anymore, it's worth fighting for' 'cause those lines suit me well at that very moment!), Ignorance (hearing the band perform this live gave me goosebumps), Monster, Brick by Boring Brick (Hayley let US sang a lot from this song 'cause of some technical problems, but it still sounded great! The Arena people sang it loud and clear and Paramore's presence alone can make the crowd go wild!), Hello Cold World and of course, Misery Business. This ever-so-lucky Vanessa girl was picked from the crowd and she was able to HAVE A DUET with Hayley Williams and hug the whole band! How lucky can she actually get? Like WOW!

And I can't describe how awed I am when I witnessed Jeremy Davis and Taylor York doing the epic Pressure Flip!

We sang and danced and banged and jumped and slummed and rocked all night with Paramore, geez, my only bias, always. Like, forever. :D Next time, I swear I'll be a VIP. :-)

After the concert, we went to Bon Chon as we waited for my birthday. We were with Kisses (a friend PLM alumnus) then and yeah, waited for the clock to proclaim that I'm already turning 20. Haha.

By the way, Kisses bought J. Co doughnuts for me! Happy stomach! :)

Plus! Kisses gave me a short birthday message plusssssss let me post one of the most awesome gifts I've ever received in my entire life! PARAMORE BALLER from Jessie James "Kapreng Hilaw" de Guzman! Mehe! :'D

Saturday, my real birthday, the class sang a Happy Birthday song for me hahaha. :D I watched movie with my circle of friends and when I got home, we've had dinner. It wasn't a grand celebration though, 'cause dude, I swear Paramore's enough to actually totally complete my 20th birthday but still, my parents prepared something for me.

with my beloved parents

with my pretty sisters

prepared by my sister Colleen, at "my wall" in our bedroom, meheee, how sweet :"D

spiky wrist accessory from Alfred "Pated" Danao :)

My twentieth transition will forever be one of my favorites. Really. Thank you LORD for giving me so much blessings. Thank you for another year. I offer You my all. I LOVE YOU! :) Everything is so overwhelming that I really can't contain it. Whenever I think of what had happened, I can't help but cry. It's just so... Euphoric. Gratifying. Ecstatic.

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