Friday, January 25, 2013

Procrastination at its Best

I should be reviewing for my midterm exam on Sunday in Theory of Accounts and Auditing Problems now. Instead, I had been chilling all day and painted my face. LOL.

I feel pretty with the pink lipstick. Mehehe, what do you think?

I'm still working on with eye shadows because it's quite complicated to do. Good thing the eyeliner did a great job! :D

Nowwww, we'll have our graduation picture taking on the 3rd of February, and I'm still thinking of a something wow and unique for my creative shot. I was thinking of being a fire goddess or maybe a doll assassin or a modern Hestia look or something that's fierce and forgive me for the exaggerated term, something that's like an America's Next Top Model shot. Boom! Hahahaha it's a once in a lifetime chance anyway so I'd be what I want to be! Nahahaha, I want to have something that's worth-keeping, something that's going to show my personality in a creative way. Suggestions please? ;)

There. Whatever. Would start reviewing at around 2AM 'cause my head works best at those times. Hoping for the best for my last midterm exams! I guess I did pretty fine with the first two exams, Advanced Accounting 3 and Law on Negotiable Instruments, BTW. Kudos!

Have to sign off now, ciao!

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