Monday, January 28, 2013

EOs' Eat Out!

My JPIA-PLM Executive Officers family is really one of the many reasons why I really enjoyed my last year in college. They had made me feel that leadership comes not only with responsibility, but ability to keep up harmonious relationship with your co-officers and with that, we were able to form something that is beyond leadership - friendship.

Yesterday, after our major exam, we had our eat out at Shakey's SM Manila together with our org adviser, Ma'm Mayel. We ordered two Monster Meals and enjoyed the feast! :D

After being so full and after the meeting, we proceeded to Dairy Queen for a cold blizzard! :)

I really had fun. And my stomach, too! Haha. :D

BTW, somebody commended my outfit yesterday though it was really plain and simple. Smart yet stylish, says him. Our block decided to wear white soooo, there! I wasn't able to take closer shots of each piece, though. This was what I wore:

Polo shirt: Giordano
Belt: Bench 
Shoes: Ansa 

(Trivia: I've had those shoes ever since Grade 5! Though the original color of the shoe lace was also brown, I've decided to have a black one so that the shoes won't look plain and dull. Ta-dah! Size 4 since then, mehehe.)

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