Thursday, January 31, 2013

Forever a Misfit Kid?

Since writing is really my outlet, let me use this blog to pour that heavy burden out.

So. Lately, I had been contemplating about...things. Maybe I have already reached the LIMIT.

To enlighten myself, I randomly browsed Google for quotes. This time, let me turn things around by pretending that I am NOT the one who's writing this post. I am a different person and I am talking to myself.

As Eleonor Roosevelt once said, "No one can make you feel inferior without your consent." In the same way, no one can bring you down unless you allow them to. Don't mind the things that others say. For as long as you're doing what you know is right, go on.

Make your parents and the whole family proud. You weren't born to be under anyone. You weren't raised to act for revenge. You weren't trained to curse those who step on you. You were taught to pray for the people who do not know what they're doing. You were raised to make GOD proud, so instead of minding what the people say, do your best to make GOD proud.

Stop ranting that you're tired hearing them scream; make a stand and ignore them instead. If you feel like you're forever a misfit kid, then stop clinging into groups with people who make you feel least important. People come and go. Your friend today may be just an acquaintance tomorrow. Your enemy in the past may become your best friend in the future.

You see, we are all going through different roads. And the rough ones can never be smooth, no matter how hard you try. It all depends on how you stand every time you fall to cross the rough part. In the end, when you reach the finish line, it will all be worth it, and your SWEETEST FINISH will make up for the all bitter pain and tears you experienced all the way.

Don't let yourself down. For as long as you BElieve in YOUrself (yes, notice the capitalized letters), you can get off from the cruel part of this world. And just then when you enter another cruel gate, do what will never ever let you down even if you yourself already did: PRAY. :)

I feel better now.

Monday, January 28, 2013

EOs' Eat Out!

My JPIA-PLM Executive Officers family is really one of the many reasons why I really enjoyed my last year in college. They had made me feel that leadership comes not only with responsibility, but ability to keep up harmonious relationship with your co-officers and with that, we were able to form something that is beyond leadership - friendship.

Yesterday, after our major exam, we had our eat out at Shakey's SM Manila together with our org adviser, Ma'm Mayel. We ordered two Monster Meals and enjoyed the feast! :D

After being so full and after the meeting, we proceeded to Dairy Queen for a cold blizzard! :)

I really had fun. And my stomach, too! Haha. :D

BTW, somebody commended my outfit yesterday though it was really plain and simple. Smart yet stylish, says him. Our block decided to wear white soooo, there! I wasn't able to take closer shots of each piece, though. This was what I wore:

Polo shirt: Giordano
Belt: Bench 
Shoes: Ansa 

(Trivia: I've had those shoes ever since Grade 5! Though the original color of the shoe lace was also brown, I've decided to have a black one so that the shoes won't look plain and dull. Ta-dah! Size 4 since then, mehehe.)

Friday, January 25, 2013

Procrastination at its Best

I should be reviewing for my midterm exam on Sunday in Theory of Accounts and Auditing Problems now. Instead, I had been chilling all day and painted my face. LOL.

I feel pretty with the pink lipstick. Mehehe, what do you think?

I'm still working on with eye shadows because it's quite complicated to do. Good thing the eyeliner did a great job! :D

Nowwww, we'll have our graduation picture taking on the 3rd of February, and I'm still thinking of a something wow and unique for my creative shot. I was thinking of being a fire goddess or maybe a doll assassin or a modern Hestia look or something that's fierce and forgive me for the exaggerated term, something that's like an America's Next Top Model shot. Boom! Hahahaha it's a once in a lifetime chance anyway so I'd be what I want to be! Nahahaha, I want to have something that's worth-keeping, something that's going to show my personality in a creative way. Suggestions please? ;)

There. Whatever. Would start reviewing at around 2AM 'cause my head works best at those times. Hoping for the best for my last midterm exams! I guess I did pretty fine with the first two exams, Advanced Accounting 3 and Law on Negotiable Instruments, BTW. Kudos!

Have to sign off now, ciao!

Saturday, January 12, 2013

It's not a dream anymore, Paramore!

Yes, my birthday gift to myself. I don't care if this is just a General Admission ticket. To watch Paramore live would be such a fulfillment. Mehehe. :D

This is it. This is really it! :D

We all have different views of what's worth it or not. This, I know, is. This will be. Always. :)

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy Holidays!

I still can't make updates now. :( School stuff, publication jobs and OJT are bugging my schedule. For now, I just wanna greet everyone a MERRY CHRISTMAS (I suppose I am not too late for this) and a HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Let's make the most out of 2013! :D GOD BLESS! xoxo :)
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