Thursday, December 20, 2012


Long time, no blog. And I still don't have enough time to share what I had been up to these past few weeks. Maybe my next post would be a photo dump with limited captions. Forgive me for the laziness. :)

Anyway, I just wanna say a few words: epiphanies these past days.

You have to learn who to trust. Not everyone is a friend. You may treat one as such but it may be different the other way around. It's a world of uncertainty, and it's a world of doubt.

Not everything is what it seems to be. Life's a mystery. Life's a live suspense-thriller movie wherein GOD is the director and you're on the lead role. You just have to trust the Director for He knows what's good for your show.

Nobody would pull you down if you're not on top. So don't mind them. Do your best, and GOD will do the rest.

Maturity doesn't come with age. It comes with how you think. For as long as you don't know that enough is enough, you'll never grow up - you'll just grow old.

Know when to shut up. People will always have something to say - even you, you'll always have something to say. No matter how talkative you are, know when to shut your mouth up.

Those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind. Need I say more?

Your life depends on YOU. On YOU, and not on others. On YOU, and not on anyone else. Do what makes you happy - forget about what others say.

Photo dump of my latest do's to be posted before 2012 ends.

ADVANCE MERRY CHRISTMAS BTW! I'm not sure when I'd be able to blog again so I'll just do my greetings in advance! I'll try to put it in art next time. Hopin' to find time. Ciao! xoxo


  1. grabe tong post mong to ah..pero I agree..hehehe..
    madami din aqng narealize sa buhay buhay..xD
    basta pag may blogger's united na uli eh gogora na tau..hahaha...advance merry christmas din..:)

    1. Yessss :) Push na tayo next BU4 huh :D Mehehehe eggzoited na ako now pa lang. HAPPY NEW YEAR! :-)


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