Wednesday, December 5, 2012

On-The-Job Training

Today's my first day of OJT and it was actually an unexpected start. I went to Manila early to get my medical laboratory results and then to school to get my medical certificate. I then changed from uniform to the dress I brought with me and went to Team Energy right away. All I knew was that I'd be passing the additional requirements and maybe a short interview or so BUT after handing the additional requirements to the HR she asked me if I could start already. Of course I said yes! Hahaha. I was then brought to the Treasury Department and after a short orientation I then started working. :-)

My table :)

Today's lazy outfit taken when I got home :)))
Dress: Julia
Wedge: Effegi

The allowance is good, plus lunch and snacks are free and there's a shuttle for employees (and OJTs as well) so transportation is basically free. Plus, I have my own table and computer unit (YEY LOL) and my supervisors are kind. Meheeee. :D

I was also able to meet other trainees though they're from other departments. Even so, it feels good to know that I am not the only on-the-job trainee in the area!

I'm so excited for my second day! Yihee! :D

Sorry for the low quality photos! I just used my phone to take these pictures. :)


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