Tuesday, November 27, 2012

I'm too lazy to post photos at this point.

So pardon for words and for whatever typographical and grammatical errors you might meet as you go on with this post. I just wanted to blog 'cause I felt like it. My page had been in hiatus for 2 weeks. I'd been too tired because of school works, organization activities and college events. I'd been too active that my personal system already became a mess. Despite these facts, I really enjoyed the 2 busy weeks that had passed.

The College of Accountancy & Economics (CAE) had celebrated its 10th year anniversary - this was the number one cause of my hectic schedule. Mehehe. :D

Soooo. First, I joined Glee-A-E (show choir). We'd been practicing the past two weeks every night since it's the only time that the group would be able to practice together. I also had my solo part for our Hey Soul Sister - I'm Yours mash-up. Here's the video! :)

Plussss. I've had a major role for our CAEksena (stage play). Our play was entitled "Ama Namin". It's a story of two siblings, Ana and Brenda and the cruelty of life in their journey. I played the role of Brenda, the younger child with cerebral palsy, while my classmate Alyzza Catly played the role of Ana. In the story, our Mom (played by Cherry Arma) was killed by our drunkard Dad (played by Mikee Montoya). We (Ana and Brenda) left home and found Amang Celso (played by Chester Alanes), a fake faith healer. Though the siblings didn't know that at first. The real thing was the medicine that Amang Celso sold were bottles of ecstasy, and some people who fall in line during his healing hours were just paid to act. Believing that Amang Celso could help her sister, Ana agreed to become a house helper of Amang Celso while he is on the process of curing Brenda. What Ana didn't know was whenever she's asked to go to Mang Boy (played by Gilbert Opena) to get new stock of medicines, her sister Brenda (yeah, me) was being raped by a guy (played by Keneth Perez). Until such time that Ana had already found out... But then Brenda was killed by her rapist at the latter part and Ana killed Amang Celso because of too much anger and vengeance.

Other casts were Rommel Quintos (Mario, Amang Celso's assistant), Ellaine dela Cruz (possessed child, paid by Amang Celso to act), Marielle Razon (mother of the possessed child), Sly Carbonell (blind man, victim), Jeric Viray (addict, victim), MJ Dellosa (sprained, paid by Amang Celso to act also), and Franz Parohinog for the voice over.

We're really happy with our performance even though it wasn't flawless because, well, we don't have a trainer, plus we had just a week to practice the 30-minute play. :-)

And I really felt fulfilled and proud of myself personally because many commended me for my acting skills (if such can be considered as a skill) when I played Brenda. Many people said I did very well and they felt Brenda all throughout the play - not Claudine. :-)

I also helped Arvin for his talent for the Mr. & Ms. CAE 2012. He did a sing and dance number, having me and Jessica as back-up dancers. The song was Love in this Club by Usher. I did a rush lyrical choreography - we only practiced for around 2 hours in total, I guess. Haha!

Anddddd. :) I won second place for Write and Tell (NFJPIA-NCR ArtLit Fest2012) last Sunday. I was paired up with Marvey, he wrote the story and I read it (story telling). I was not at my best that time 'cause I don't have my voice, lost it for cheering at the top of my lungs during the CAE Day(s). Landing on the second place in that condition isn't bad, right? :)

And JPIA-PLM won as the Overall Champion for the 10th NCRJPIAlympics. Congraaaaaats to ussss. :D

I was soooo out for two weeks, and it just feels good to meet my free day after some time. :-) I missed my bed a lot. :)))

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