Thursday, November 1, 2012

Hello November!

I must say that this is the most boring yet busiest semester break ever. Did a lot of nothing. Went to a lot of nowhere. No night outs. No reunions. Just novel and movie marathons - well, not to mention my surf-the-net-until-you-drop moments every night.

I didn't feel September, never saw October coming, and now, hey, can somebody convince me that it's already November? Like really? In less than two months it's already Christmas and whoa, in no time 2012's over.

Ironic how when the year began, it felt like the year's going to be too long. Now, I can say that 2012 has been too short despite the many things that had happened. And hey, it's already my last semester in college! Seems like yesterday when I was deciding on what to wear for my first day of school. Aah, I remember that: my pink Lee Pipes blouse. I was already talkative even if it was yet the first day of school. So what? I speak my mind loud - take it or leave it, love it or hate it. :)

Okayyy. I can now feel the November rush as a graduating student, an academic organization officer, a college publication news writer and a course-wide magazine Editor-in-Chief. I know it's going to be a long month but just like first ten months of this dreadful but wonderful year, this will soon be over.

And when it's over, I know I'll miss it. I know I'll surely do. (:

Good night. Will do general cleaning at our tutorial center tomorrow. And hopefully catch Skyfall on the big screen with the family. :-)

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