Sunday, October 7, 2012

There are times when you really just can't take it.

I wanna laugh it off but sometimes things are really just below the belt. Past is something you cannot handle, something you cannot erase from your history. It's something that whether you like or not, will forever be retained in that mind of yours.

And as a human, I erred a lot. With those mistakes, I think I have learned my lesson. I thank my past because without it, I wouldn't have become a better person (well I suppose), and I wouldn't be where I am now. However, there are those pasts that you just want to forget - those things that brought you no good, those moments that ruined your being, those memories that destroyed your innocence.

I hate it when people tend to remind me of those. Maybe they do not know what it feels like when you see a flashback of something you wish to forget. Whenever I'm alone, I take time to look back and think of the reasons why they happened to me or why I did them. Mainly, the reason was out of irrationality - I was out of my mind back then. I didn't think a hundred times before acting. I just grabbed what I craved for and did what I think would make me happy, not minding what they would bring me in the future.

Regrets? Of course. I do have them. A lot of them, actually. I'm a hypocrite if I say I regret nothing. It's normal for a human being, anyway.

But you know what? Despite those regrets, there's this one thing I'm sure of: LIFE DOESN'T AND MUST NOT STOP THERE - IT GOES AND MUST GO ON. :)

P.S. After typing this post, I don't think the title is actually appropriate for it but never mind. HAHAHA :)))

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