Saturday, October 20, 2012

Greyson Chance in Manila

Greyson in Manila

When I saw this on my Facebook news feeds I shared it right away and tagged my youngest sister Celine (she's a huge huge fan). And I proudly am too! Hihiii. :D On November 11, 2012, Sunday, we'll hopefully finally be able to meet Greyson Chance in person. He'll be in Market! Market! at around 2:30PM and Trinoma at 6:30. We're still thinking if we'll go to M!M! or Trinoma - but yeah, we really have to goooooo! He'll be promoting his new single, Sunshine & City Lights (go listen to it if you haven't heard it yet 'cause it's awesome), which will be part of his new album to be released next year. Geez.

Plus! Jessie told me a great news! Paramore's going to be here in Manila again on February 2013. I Googled it and heyyy! Their show will be on February 15 which is a day before my 20th birthday! Hoho. Hope I can watch it. Geez! That's going to be one of my best birthdays if ever! It's not yet sure though, but I'll do my best to save money for this one. :)

Paramore in PH Feb 2013

Photos print screen from certain websites :)

I claim no copyright of those except for doing the print-screen and cropping :D


  1. Wow ate fan ka rin pala ng Paramore!! I want to go sana kaso Idk if I'll have money for that. Masyado na kong madaming pinag-iipunan LOL

  2. Di pa raw sure yon pero hopefully waaaaah. I wanna see them perform live before I turn 20. Hoho. :D


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