Saturday, September 8, 2012

Live life, no matter what.

I know a person who just went away last Wednesday - she's a Civil Engineering graduate of the University of the Philippines - Los Banos and is licensed, a kind lady, but unfortunately, fate wasn't really that kind to her.

At 22, she was diagnosed of cancer and at the age of 24, her soul finally left the living world. Sad, because for someone like her who's going to die at a very young age, SAYANG is really the word that'll run through your brain.

I admire her. The reason is that she still continued to live her life to the fullest event though she knows that she's no longer going to live a long life. I do not know her personally, but based on my Mom's stories, I really think she's one of a kind.

She's blessed despite the fact that she didn't live long. Many love her. Many prayed for her. Many will remember her. And GOD really does cherish her - she took her early so that she won't feel further pain anymore - only eternal bliss.

My parents went to her wake last night. I wanted to come but since we're going to have another overnight later here at home to finish our feasibility study papers, I just stayed at home and rest.

She inspired me, really. I'm still young and luckily, I have no disease or abnormality apart from my scoliosis - I can still do a lot of things. Love life? It will come. Studies? I can make it. Leadership? I can pull it off.

Jeans: Crissa
Bag: Thrift Shop
Wedges: Effegi
Earrings: Fashion Ultd.


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