Saturday, August 11, 2012

There's a rainbow always after the rain.

Southborder's Rainbow really suits every Filipino's attitude whenever a big dilemma comes. Filipinos, as many know, could still smile no matter how down they are, no matter how hard they're going through. Filipinos believe that at the end of the storm is a golden sky and you know what? That's one of the many reasons why I'm glad I was born in the Philippines. Tell me, who among the entire universe can still laugh while walking against the strong current of a river-like flood? Surely, Filipinos would be on top of the list.




Heartbreaking news filled the radios and TVs last week. It's hard to see my kababayans suffer, painful to know that after the flood, they'll most probably be back to zero - half of what they have would all be gone. It's sad to hear that there are people who died - I ache for those who lost their loved ones.

Let me have this chance to at least offer a short prayer.

Dear LORD,
I offer You my praise with all of my heart. I glorify Your Name and I will never ever praise anyone above Your Mighty Name.
First, LORD, thank you for giving me enough blessings. Thank you for sparing our family from the harshness of the calamity - that during the strong splash of the monsoon, we were all safe and sound. And thank you also for the sun that's already present in our sky. We've been longing for it for almost a week - thank you very much for finally making it shine.
I beg your pardon, LORD, for all the bad things that we've done to Your Creations - to Mother Earth. For all we've done, I know the word "sorry" is not enough.
Lastly, I am asking for continuous guidance to everyone. May You give the victims the strength to cope with the downfall that had happened to them. I deeply believe that you would help them rise again. I know that you'll never ever forsake us, oh LORD.
In Jesus' Mighty Name,



Let's extend a helping hand and pray for the Philippines.

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