Sunday, August 5, 2012

My sixth sentence in my previous post was a lie.

Imagine if only one of your eyes is working. Or worse, imagine if your eyes aren't working at all.


When I was a kid, I almost lost my right eye. Whenever I remember that incident-slash-accident, I could hardly imagine how hard it would be for me if I had become half-blind. Yes, I may not have a twenty-twenty vision, but still, I’m lucky enough that my two eyes are working. Yes, lucky enough, because when I was a kid, I had experienced how it was like to only have one eye working – and I swear it wasn’t easy.

It was summer. I was about four or five then, and since the girls around our subdivision before bullied me (yeah, at a very young age I have experienced that), I opted to play with the guys. In other words, I was actually one of the boys. I didn’t play Barbie dolls and I rarely played “Sasara ang bulaklak, bubuka ang bulaklak” because what I used to play was little toy soldiers and stuff that young boys played during those times.

One afternoon, I played with my two guy playmates at their lot. If I remember it right, one of them was Jeff. I just can’t remember if the other guy was his brother or maybe another playmate. Anyway, I was riding the cord-made swing that time and I was pretending that the swing was a horse. My two guy playmates shook the swing with force. We didn’t know that there was a nail on the wood that held the swing. I was enjoying my “horseback riding” when all of a sudden, my RIGHT EYE hit the nail.

It was so damn painful and my wound was bleeding hard. I ran to our house which was one block away and showed the wound to my parents. I was crying because my vision was already blurry and I was blood was dripping from my face down to the floor.

I could hardly remember the exact details. All I can see in my memory now is that for quite a time I was half-blind because my right eye was covered with bandage. That was also the time when my phobia in blood started, and unfortunately, I was never allowed to play outside again.

Now that several years have already passed, I could really say that I’m such a lucky girl because I was still able to win my right eye back. I'm so thankful because I could still see the world’s beauty perfectly. I could still appreciate all the wonderful things that my eyes would see. I could still witness the awesomeness of the sunrise and the sunset in perfect colors. I could still see the sky, the mountains, the sea, my loved ones – with two eyes.

Realizing how blessed I am, I really thank GOD for saving me from half-blindness.

And with my five senses, the last thing I would wish for to lose is my sense of sight
*knocks on wood thrice*

Photo from Google Images :)


  1. Aww. We're blessed! Kumpleto tayo. Ay height pala kulang natin ate hahahaha :>

  2. Hahaha oo nga eh. Wala na nga akong height, pati ba naman right eye? Buti na lang. :)))


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