Friday, August 3, 2012

Hell Week Coming Up

We had a loooooooooong quiz in Auditing Theory this afternoon and I was like, asdfghjkl. I bled. What else? End of story.

Well, seriously. This would be my last post before the busy hell "Midterms" week. For several reasons, I really find this semester ridiculous, because it's as if we, the seniors, are doing nothing yet we feel oh-so-tired (or is it just me?) - doing nothing in the sense that most of our subjects aren't so demanding yet we (well maybe I, if it's really just me) still feel so weary. Even so, it feels so fulfilling being in this phase because we (fine, I!) know that soon, all of these will be over. Little more effort and sleepless nights and yes, we're going to get that diploma with the degree of Bachelor of Science in Accountancy that we're dreaming of. :)


Charlene said it's already a disease that I have. No - not the brain tumor, but that urge to always have something to read on hand. Just this day, my friend Jessie (also a true-blue bookworm) lent me this book, Jack Tumor. I was planning to borrow the book after midterms but since I have that disease, I already told him last night to bring it today. When he first told me about the synopsis of this novel, curiosity filled my book-leech mind so I searched for it at Goodreads and checked the reviews. Since I liked the comments regarding the book and I trust Jessie enough (since we almost have the same taste on books), I accepted his invitation for me to read it. So far, I'm about 25% done, and I find the story cool. :))

Fine, a book-leech I am. :)

And oh. With the hell week that's on my way, I really need my Big LORD's divine intervention. :D

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