Saturday, August 25, 2012

The Uncommon Reader

Jessie is a friend of mine who's also one kind of a bookworm. Just yesterday, he lent me another novel (after Jack Tumor). He said I might like it (I hope so as well), and I trust him with his book recommendations.

The Uncommon Reader by Alan Bennett
See my new bookmark? Cute, right? ;) It's from Korea, BTW! :]

Anyway, in relation with the book title, the owner is quite an uncommon reader. :)) I find it so 'cause he's that kind of bookworm who writes dates and his signature (and sometimes the one who gave him) the book. Plus, he keeps the receipts of the books he bought and use 'em as bookmarks. Cool, but pretty weird though.

No matter how busy I am, I really make it a point to have a novel to read. Just to keep me sane like asdfghjkl. College is so demanding. Time management is really a must and also, sanity is something that's really at stake. So yeah, here I come again with another book on hand.

Later, my groupmates are coming here at home to have another overnight for our feasibility study. Another sleepless night and more sleepless night to come. We still got a long way to go, but I believe we'll pull this off well. :D

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Ocean Park Wednesday c/o Alfred "Pated" Danao

Last Wednesday, Alfred "Pated" and I went to Manila Ocean Park to quite unwind after our exam in OpeRes. Since there would be no exams for the next day, a short time somewhere out there wasn't a big loss.


We first watched the Tweeter Showdown. It started at around 3:30PM and ended about few minutes after.



Birds weren't the only stars in the bird show. :)



We went around Ocean Park since it was both our first time to actually roam around the place. Hihi. :))




After that, we took our snacks. Hotdogs + nachos w/ much cheeeeeese + Royal = YUM! :D


We went around the area again and voila! we saw Ocean Park's amusement center. I played basketball, and then after one game of getting 300, Alfred and I played Tekken. :) I won! :P



We strolled and strolled again and found the 4D Ride. It costs Php100 each and you're up for two adventures. We chose the Bermuda Triangle and Volcano something because the assistants there told us that those were their "best-sellers". We tried and LOL, it was more of a laugh-trip than an adventure. Haha!


Meet my sponsor/companion :)


I didn't spend any cent for my enjoyment. Hahaha LOL. B-D
Thanks to Pated for the treat.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

There's a rainbow always after the rain.

Southborder's Rainbow really suits every Filipino's attitude whenever a big dilemma comes. Filipinos, as many know, could still smile no matter how down they are, no matter how hard they're going through. Filipinos believe that at the end of the storm is a golden sky and you know what? That's one of the many reasons why I'm glad I was born in the Philippines. Tell me, who among the entire universe can still laugh while walking against the strong current of a river-like flood? Surely, Filipinos would be on top of the list.




Heartbreaking news filled the radios and TVs last week. It's hard to see my kababayans suffer, painful to know that after the flood, they'll most probably be back to zero - half of what they have would all be gone. It's sad to hear that there are people who died - I ache for those who lost their loved ones.

Let me have this chance to at least offer a short prayer.

Dear LORD,
I offer You my praise with all of my heart. I glorify Your Name and I will never ever praise anyone above Your Mighty Name.
First, LORD, thank you for giving me enough blessings. Thank you for sparing our family from the harshness of the calamity - that during the strong splash of the monsoon, we were all safe and sound. And thank you also for the sun that's already present in our sky. We've been longing for it for almost a week - thank you very much for finally making it shine.
I beg your pardon, LORD, for all the bad things that we've done to Your Creations - to Mother Earth. For all we've done, I know the word "sorry" is not enough.
Lastly, I am asking for continuous guidance to everyone. May You give the victims the strength to cope with the downfall that had happened to them. I deeply believe that you would help them rise again. I know that you'll never ever forsake us, oh LORD.
In Jesus' Mighty Name,



Let's extend a helping hand and pray for the Philippines.

The Bourne Legacy


Yesterday after dinner, we (the whole family) went to the movie house to watch The Bourne Legacy. I'm not actually a fan of the series, and I haven't even read the book yet, but since the trailer promoted a lot of scenes that were taken in the Philippines, my curiosity attacked me.


The movie was great - the action scenes were cool like asdfghjkl, though the movie was a big proof that a big part of Manila is really quite unorganized. However, the last scene pulled it off because it was taken in Palawan and as you know, Palawan is one of the places in the country that's still kept clean and vacation-worthy.

Plus, I didn't expect it to have a lot of watchers since we didn't go to a big movie house. Maybe those people (aside from the fans), like me, just got curious so they went to watch.

Upon watching the movie, I got hooked with the thrill it gave me so I'm looking forward to reading the series and to watching the next movie installment. :)

Friday, August 10, 2012

Two Birds in One Stone

Today, I am celebrating two of the most important dates of my life. Let me first begin with those two people, who, without their mere existence, well, I wouldn't have been here sharing one of the many pieces of their story.


Meet Bobby and Frelie. They're both from Calayan Island, high school sweethearts, and really, I'm lucky and proud to be their eldest daughter. I know they aren't perfect parents, far way from being a perfect couple, but I'm telling you, once you get to know how much they had been through before, you'd tell me that I'm such a lucky girl to have them as my parents. They're strong, really strong. They did their best to save our family after all of the trials that we had been through. Now, I can say that we're a happy family (yes, despite the imperfections that we all have because hey, we're humans too!) and I'm lucky enough to be in here.

Today, they're celebrating their wedding anniversary so Mom and Dad, HAPPY WEDDING ANNIVERSARY TO THE BOTH OF YOU!

Next in line is my, well, best-est friend ever. Meet Jarrah (Vernisse Arrah) We rarely see each other, but you know what? This girl made me define what friendship really means - that it doesn't matter whether you see each other all the time or not. What matters is that you have that strong bond that will never ever break no matter how long you haven't seen each other.


We were classmates since second year high school, rode the same way home, took the same course in college (though in different schools) and we cannot deny the fact that we have the same crazy head (though she's crazier, really). She's one kind of a friend that you'd really want to have. She never failed to listen whenever I talk, never failed to comfort me whenever I'm down, never failed to make me laugh whenever I'm sad. :) Yes, I'm really just lucky to have her.

Today, she's celebrating her 19th birthday so yeah, HAPPY BIRTHDAY JARRAH! :)

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Happy Birthday Alec!

Okayyy. I just can't help but share this. :D

Lucky enough for someone who wasn't able to attend his party, right? Hihi. :"> So yeah, I was able to greet Alec Dungo (PBB Teens 4) a happy birthday through a phone call via Alfred Danao. Imagine how thrilled I was yesterday while talking to him!

Thanks, Alfred! Hahaha. It made my day. :)

Sunday, August 5, 2012

My sixth sentence in my previous post was a lie.

Imagine if only one of your eyes is working. Or worse, imagine if your eyes aren't working at all.


When I was a kid, I almost lost my right eye. Whenever I remember that incident-slash-accident, I could hardly imagine how hard it would be for me if I had become half-blind. Yes, I may not have a twenty-twenty vision, but still, I’m lucky enough that my two eyes are working. Yes, lucky enough, because when I was a kid, I had experienced how it was like to only have one eye working – and I swear it wasn’t easy.

It was summer. I was about four or five then, and since the girls around our subdivision before bullied me (yeah, at a very young age I have experienced that), I opted to play with the guys. In other words, I was actually one of the boys. I didn’t play Barbie dolls and I rarely played “Sasara ang bulaklak, bubuka ang bulaklak” because what I used to play was little toy soldiers and stuff that young boys played during those times.

One afternoon, I played with my two guy playmates at their lot. If I remember it right, one of them was Jeff. I just can’t remember if the other guy was his brother or maybe another playmate. Anyway, I was riding the cord-made swing that time and I was pretending that the swing was a horse. My two guy playmates shook the swing with force. We didn’t know that there was a nail on the wood that held the swing. I was enjoying my “horseback riding” when all of a sudden, my RIGHT EYE hit the nail.

It was so damn painful and my wound was bleeding hard. I ran to our house which was one block away and showed the wound to my parents. I was crying because my vision was already blurry and I was blood was dripping from my face down to the floor.

I could hardly remember the exact details. All I can see in my memory now is that for quite a time I was half-blind because my right eye was covered with bandage. That was also the time when my phobia in blood started, and unfortunately, I was never allowed to play outside again.

Now that several years have already passed, I could really say that I’m such a lucky girl because I was still able to win my right eye back. I'm so thankful because I could still see the world’s beauty perfectly. I could still appreciate all the wonderful things that my eyes would see. I could still witness the awesomeness of the sunrise and the sunset in perfect colors. I could still see the sky, the mountains, the sea, my loved ones – with two eyes.

Realizing how blessed I am, I really thank GOD for saving me from half-blindness.

And with my five senses, the last thing I would wish for to lose is my sense of sight
*knocks on wood thrice*

Photo from Google Images :)

Friday, August 3, 2012

Hell Week Coming Up

We had a loooooooooong quiz in Auditing Theory this afternoon and I was like, asdfghjkl. I bled. What else? End of story.

Well, seriously. This would be my last post before the busy hell "Midterms" week. For several reasons, I really find this semester ridiculous, because it's as if we, the seniors, are doing nothing yet we feel oh-so-tired (or is it just me?) - doing nothing in the sense that most of our subjects aren't so demanding yet we (well maybe I, if it's really just me) still feel so weary. Even so, it feels so fulfilling being in this phase because we (fine, I!) know that soon, all of these will be over. Little more effort and sleepless nights and yes, we're going to get that diploma with the degree of Bachelor of Science in Accountancy that we're dreaming of. :)


Charlene said it's already a disease that I have. No - not the brain tumor, but that urge to always have something to read on hand. Just this day, my friend Jessie (also a true-blue bookworm) lent me this book, Jack Tumor. I was planning to borrow the book after midterms but since I have that disease, I already told him last night to bring it today. When he first told me about the synopsis of this novel, curiosity filled my book-leech mind so I searched for it at Goodreads and checked the reviews. Since I liked the comments regarding the book and I trust Jessie enough (since we almost have the same taste on books), I accepted his invitation for me to read it. So far, I'm about 25% done, and I find the story cool. :))

Fine, a book-leech I am. :)

And oh. With the hell week that's on my way, I really need my Big LORD's divine intervention. :D
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