Saturday, June 2, 2012

A Sleep Buddy Now

Before, going out, whether it be with family or friends, fascinates me in a way that it's going to be a time to break free from whatever stress I might be in. However, things had changed.

Now, I'd rather be on bed and stuck my nose on a novel and read. I'd rather sleep than party (well, not all the time though). Maybe being a kind of an everyday two-way traveler (traveling from Cavite to Manila and vice versa) for seven years now makes me too lazy to leave home just to go to the mall and do shopping. I don't have much interest in there now, well, maybe because I had been out of our house for almost everyday during the summer vacation and rest was too rare for me to bond with.

As of the very moment, I am home alone, waiting for myself to get sleepy until I doze off. Two more days and it's back to school - meaning enough sleep would be out of my reach again. I know I should gave gotten myself used to having one to three hours of sleep a day (lucky if I get four or five), believe me - I actually already did before - but now that I'm older, I think I really would want to sleep as much as I can afford. Too bad I actually can't. Not yet. :|

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