Friday, June 1, 2012

Hello, June!

I should be getting ready now. Apparently, I haven't eaten a heavy meal yet. I have to go to school to design the JPIA-PLM bulletin board with Mikee and Adrian. Yeah, being the only rose among the thorns. And I bet I'll be late for the 1PM call time 'cause I still have to drop at Mom's workplace to get cash.

And shizz. It's already June! Complacent days are numbered. Though I could say that I haven't been really complacent this summer, well, as far as JPIA-related things are concerned. Should academic aspect be in highlight, er, I suppose not.

Anyway... I woke up at dawn, maybe around 3 or 4 AM, and felt really sick. I rarely get fever but when I woke up at that time, I felt hot and really not well. Good thing it was gone when I got back t sleep and woke up again at around 6:30AM, though my colds just don't want to leave me alone.

One thing I'm actually excited for this June, aside from my sister Colleen's birthday, is the release of Bloodlines book 2. It'll be out on the 12th, and geez, I really just can't wait for it. :))

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