Sunday, June 10, 2012

From a Mascian

I've read the blog post of my high school batchmate (Ms. Xyra Yuson - click HERE for her blog post) regarding that blog entry above and I was inspired to make my insight for that too.

Science. Truth. Country.

Forever, I'll live by that. And no matter what happens, I will never ever stop believing in Masci and in the infinite things Mascians can achieve. Mascians did, are doing, and will continue to achieve great things, whether others would believe in them or not. Mascians will continue to strive for excellence, just as they're taught with the school's tradition. Mascians will continue to fascinate people, may those things be big or small. Mascians weren't trained to please people for the sake of the school's name, because Mascians are trained to please their eagerness for knowledge and wisdom.

Too bad - unlike other science high schools, Mascians don't get what they actually deserve - simply because Manila Science High School is just treated as an ordinary public high school. We don't have allowances, book and uniform subsidies - unlike other science high schools. What just makes Masci different from other public high schools is that it is observing the special science curriculum for its students.

Being the Pilot Science High School in the Philippines, I don't think Masci deserves that kind of treatment. If not because of Masci, I don't think the special science high schools' history would ever be the same. I don't think other special science high schools would've even existed.

As a proud graduate of Masci batch 2009, I fervently pray that soon, Masci and the Mascians - students, faculty & staff) would get what they actually deserve, which is, modesty aside, the BEST.

MASCI DESERVES THE BEST. This - I firmly believe.

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