Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Midnight Sensation

I can still feel the touch of his hands. Each time I close my eyes, I swear my memory can imitate the wonderful thrill I felt when he wrapped his arms around me. Intoxicating. Addictive. Euphoric.

It was hot, but it was the kind of heat that I would want to feel over and over again.

I was sitting, busy cutting the papers - it was an act of help, actually. I wasn't supposed to do it, but since I was doing nothing, I offered a hand. While concentrating on my so-elementary work, he entered the door, destroyed the silence that our group was trying to keep. I looked at him, but switched my attention back to my work right away. He spelled his silence, and sat on the very same seat of which I was on. He wrapped his arms around my waist, rested his chin on my shoulder, and breathed my scent. Oh, I could stay right in that moment forever. He placed his lips on the sleeve of my blouse, opened his mouth, and bit me as if he's a vampire. It was painful, maybe, but I guess it wasn't what I felt. What I sensed was a deep attraction as if we're opposite poles of a giant magnet. The attraction was strong, so strong that I can really not defy it no matter how hard I try to.

But you know what? I'm glad that I can't. :)

Saturday, June 23, 2012

PLM @ 47: My Last

Last June 18 , 19, 20, my beloved school, PLM, celebrated its 47th founding anniversary. And since it's my last founding anniversary celebration in PLM, I really tried to watch all the events. :D

For Day 1, I joined the float parade around Intramuros. I was actually one of the "princesses" for this one. :)



I also watched Someday Dream and Happy Feet perform! :D



And of course, I didn't fail to witness PLM Idol, which was actually the main event for the day.


For Day 2, I watched the G. & Bb. Pamantasan Pre-pageant and cheered for our college, College of Accountancy & Economics's (CAE) candidates, Chester & Beverly.


However, I had to go home early due to an emergency, and unfortunately, I wasn't able to watch PLM Fashionista.

Apart from the JPIA-PLM Standing Committee Auditions and Eidolon's (Editorial Board + Writers) Meeting, we had Beat Blast (Dance Mania) and G. & Bb. Pamantasan Pageant Night for Day 3. Geez. References performed for an intermission number during the Beat Blast and yeah, they really rock! Plus, I was able to take photo opportunities with my favorite members of RFRNCS. :)




Another F-Day experience that I had was the Giant Balloon Slide wherein hoooooo! :)))) It was really a definition of F-U-N! :D


It didn't matter even if we already looked so haggard when the night came.


Rahnee "Lovelife / LL", Jun King, Jessie "Kapreng Hilaw / KH", Me :)
...And our haggard faces! HAHAHA.


It was really fulfilling for the whole CAE family, especially for us, the seniors, because CAE was able to bag a lot of awards in different contests. We're really looking forward to be this year's COLLEGE BEATER!

C-A-E! Let's go CAE!
Go fight CAE, fight CAE, fight CAE, FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

From a Book-Leech's Point of View

After having a conversation with another book enthusiast friend, Jessie James, I suddenly missed reading my classics - those books that made me realize how fascinating it is to read and read... And read.


To start off, I took To Kill a Mockingbird (Harper Lee) and The Prince and The Pauper (Mark Twain) out of my shelf and prepared 'em for my next readings. :)

I've already begun reading To Kill a Mockingbird. :) I'm loving Scout's character all over again. :D But I'm gonna pause reading the book once I get to have a copy of The Golden Lily (Bloodlines 2 by Richelle Mead). (:

Oh geez. How can reading be so addictive? ;)

And by the way, take a visit to JPIA-PLM's website! I'm the one who's actually managing it. Hihi. :D Here's a screenshot:


To see the page, click HERE. :)

We're going to have a meeting tomorrow (JPIA-PLM EOs) at 9AM so I'm going to school even though I don't have a class. Cancel "free day" again. Aww. :))

And yeah, HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY to all the Filipinos out there!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

From a Mascian

I've read the blog post of my high school batchmate (Ms. Xyra Yuson - click HERE for her blog post) regarding that blog entry above and I was inspired to make my insight for that too.

Science. Truth. Country.

Forever, I'll live by that. And no matter what happens, I will never ever stop believing in Masci and in the infinite things Mascians can achieve. Mascians did, are doing, and will continue to achieve great things, whether others would believe in them or not. Mascians will continue to strive for excellence, just as they're taught with the school's tradition. Mascians will continue to fascinate people, may those things be big or small. Mascians weren't trained to please people for the sake of the school's name, because Mascians are trained to please their eagerness for knowledge and wisdom.

Too bad - unlike other science high schools, Mascians don't get what they actually deserve - simply because Manila Science High School is just treated as an ordinary public high school. We don't have allowances, book and uniform subsidies - unlike other science high schools. What just makes Masci different from other public high schools is that it is observing the special science curriculum for its students.

Being the Pilot Science High School in the Philippines, I don't think Masci deserves that kind of treatment. If not because of Masci, I don't think the special science high schools' history would ever be the same. I don't think other special science high schools would've even existed.

As a proud graduate of Masci batch 2009, I fervently pray that soon, Masci and the Mascians - students, faculty & staff) would get what they actually deserve, which is, modesty aside, the BEST.

MASCI DESERVES THE BEST. This - I firmly believe.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Long First Week

After five days, I have finally experienced my rest day. I'd been busy with JPIA and academic stuff, having those first few days last like one month.

It was a good week though. I met new freshmen BSA's, got a little closer with some new people, and quite discovered who my real friends are. Er, no need to make details on that.

I was supposed to be one of the dancers of a Burlesque dance number but since I have pretty huge conflicts with some other stuff (which are far way more important than actually practicing a Burlesque dance), I just quit. There are a lot of other dances to come in the future anyway. I am planning to join the CAE Dance Mania this school year (which will take place on November) and will dance for the JPIAlympics Variety Dance (also in November, I guess). See? There are really just some works that I could not give up for dancing, even though I really love to make moves and grooves through pops, locks, pumps and sways.

I really am looking forward to a wonderful "final year in college". It will be a struggle, indeed, because the road to success isn't paved in silver. The road going to be rough, but I know this year's going to be good for me, and that I'll be a CPA by October 2013. :)


Let me tell you a story about a girl named SHE.

SHE sings. SHE plays the guitar and the piano. SHE dances. SHE acts. SHE writes. SHE debates. SHE’s a petite young lady who has a lot of potentials inside of her. SHE loves making friends, really. SHE reaches out to people as much as she can, and whenever SHE gets into social complications, SHE always makes a way to settle things. SHE hates war, especially cold war. Not that SHE is kind of phlegmatic, (because actually, SHE’s choleric) but she really just hates conflicts.

Maybe the worst thing she ever did was the act that she tried to please everyone, and until now, she’s still trying to, as much as she can manage. And maybe, that’s one thing that others actually hate about her. Maybe she’s too nice? I don’t know. I know her but I guess I do not know her enough.

Maybe she’s an explicit extreme. She thinks overly about situations, making her overreact in a convicting manner. It’s her nature, though. She’s not the type of person who just lives without any purpose. In as much as she can find reasons for her to use her mind and continue living, she’ll continue thinking and reacting.

But I suppose she has already quite changed herself. She tries hard not to react anymore. Whenever I get to see her in times that I randomly search the room for the people’s activities, her nose is stuck on her phone or a book and reading novels. Well, I must say she thinks deeper compared to others – though she’s tactless.

I don’t know if I can consider her as someone who’s already matured enough to handle pranks. People tend to tease her because of her skin color. She doesn’t own a fair skin, and that’s one big thing that people make fun out of her. She didn’t reach five-feet – well, another thing. She’s owns a flat chest (considering the big ooh-ees of the others) – another thing. Is she ugly? NO. Definitely NOT.

She has already won a beauty contest, got an award of Most Photogenic, called “Pretty” by lots of sincere people, earned a lot of likes on her Facebook photos – stuff like that. She’s BEAUTIFUL, but I don’t think she knows it. She believes in it, though. And I suppose you guys know what’s the difference between “know” and “believe”, aside from the spelling, of course.

And hey, she’s sensitive. Really. She’ll get it right away when you have issues about her, but she’ll try to deal with it as if she doesn’t mind, though that doesn’t mean that she really doesn’t. She just believes that soon, things are going to be alright. Talk about her at her back as much as you want to, she won’t care because she believes that she doesn’t need to get her hands dirty because Karma will find a way, sooner or later.

She laughs with those pranks, but hey, it has limitations. She, like any other person, gets hurt. And she doesn’t talk back when she’s already pissed. She shuts up. The moment she keeps quiet, it just means that it’s already the end of her temper-control-moment, and she has already reached her boiling point.

She hates self-centered bitches. She hates those people who just do their things, not minding if they’re already hurting others.

She hates social-climbers. Well, she “can afford” things. Her family isn’t that rich, but even though they own “things”, they still live a simple lifestyle. That’s why she hates it when others act as if they have unlimited sources of money when in fact, she’s actually “richer” than them (if “rich” is actually the right term to use).

Too bad for her. For the moment, she lives in a world wherein self-centered bitches and social-climbers greatly exist.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Carl @ 7

Yesterday, after attending the Holy Mass at Fernbrook Gardens, we went straight to Lipa, Batangas for my second-degree cousin Carl's 7th birthday. :> He celebrated it in Shakey's. :D

I was wearing maong pants when were in the Church but I changed them into shorts when we were already about to attend the party. :) Here's what I got:


White blouse - Red Girl
Maong shorts - Guess
Red belt - Forgot where. Sorry. :D
Black wedge - Effegi
Silver watch Elle
Silver bracelet - Dunno. Was Mom's gift. :)

After that, we went to their house to have a little chat with some other relatives. :D

Heyy, here's the birthday boy, BTW. ;)



Saturday, June 2, 2012

A Sleep Buddy Now

Before, going out, whether it be with family or friends, fascinates me in a way that it's going to be a time to break free from whatever stress I might be in. However, things had changed.

Now, I'd rather be on bed and stuck my nose on a novel and read. I'd rather sleep than party (well, not all the time though). Maybe being a kind of an everyday two-way traveler (traveling from Cavite to Manila and vice versa) for seven years now makes me too lazy to leave home just to go to the mall and do shopping. I don't have much interest in there now, well, maybe because I had been out of our house for almost everyday during the summer vacation and rest was too rare for me to bond with.

As of the very moment, I am home alone, waiting for myself to get sleepy until I doze off. Two more days and it's back to school - meaning enough sleep would be out of my reach again. I know I should gave gotten myself used to having one to three hours of sleep a day (lucky if I get four or five), believe me - I actually already did before - but now that I'm older, I think I really would want to sleep as much as I can afford. Too bad I actually can't. Not yet. :|

Friday, June 1, 2012

Author-Appreciation Post: Loving Richelle

Richelle Mead is the #1 New York Times & USA Today bestselling fantasy author. I have already been hooked with her Succubus (Georgina Kincaid) series, well, loved and cried with Georgina Kincaid there; and I, too, have been so attached to Rose Hathaway's character, got thrilled and got hurt with her, in Richelle Mead's Vampire Academy series.

What's so good about Richelle Mead writing such kind of genre is that the twists and turns in her story are really unexpected. It's like once I get to start her book, it would be too hard for me to put it down. And then when I finish it, I would be so eager for the next installment.

Right now, I am waiting for The Golden Lily (Bloodlines 2), which will be out on June 12. Shizz, can't wait! :)

Hello, June!

I should be getting ready now. Apparently, I haven't eaten a heavy meal yet. I have to go to school to design the JPIA-PLM bulletin board with Mikee and Adrian. Yeah, being the only rose among the thorns. And I bet I'll be late for the 1PM call time 'cause I still have to drop at Mom's workplace to get cash.

And shizz. It's already June! Complacent days are numbered. Though I could say that I haven't been really complacent this summer, well, as far as JPIA-related things are concerned. Should academic aspect be in highlight, er, I suppose not.

Anyway... I woke up at dawn, maybe around 3 or 4 AM, and felt really sick. I rarely get fever but when I woke up at that time, I felt hot and really not well. Good thing it was gone when I got back t sleep and woke up again at around 6:30AM, though my colds just don't want to leave me alone.

One thing I'm actually excited for this June, aside from my sister Colleen's birthday, is the release of Bloodlines book 2. It'll be out on the 12th, and geez, I really just can't wait for it. :))
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