Thursday, May 31, 2012

Time Flies

Really, it does. You see, this is the last day of May, and I am about to face another month in less than twenty-four hours. Not just that. In a few days, classes will start, and I will be facing my final phase as a college student. Soon, I will be busy because of my academic obligations like examinations, feasibility study and defense, etc., and also, occupied with jobs related to being an executive officer of JPIA-PLM. I have wanted this, and I still want it now. That burning desire of me to serve JPIAns continues to flame out.

And yet, I just feel like time is getting on too fast for me. Seems like it was just yesterday when I graduated in high school and now, I'm in my final year as a college student. Shizz. This gives me chills. 'Kays. :))))

Fine. Have nothing more to say now. Hihi. B-D I'll just finish one last book to close my summer vacation. Ciao! :D

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