Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Lazy Wednesday

It's Wednesday and based on schedule, I don't have classes today. Honestly, I already find it unnecessary to go to school because we have already finished all our lessons in ITE52 and I honestly am not learning anything in FNM52. Whether I go to school or not, I'd still do self-study. :|

Yesterday, I started and finished Succubus Heat (Succubus Book 4) and just this morning, have already begun reading Succubus Shadows (Succubus Book 5). I was disappointed with the ending of Succubus Dreams (Succubus Book 3) because Seth Mortensen and Georgina Kincaid broke up. They both had their new partners in Book 4, but still had a secret affair. If the complications weren't there, they'd actually choose to be with each other. Their love is meant to last forever, and I can feel that. Such a book-leech, really. I was so affected with their break-up, and I was even more disappointed with Book 4's ending because Seth was already engaged with someone else while Georgina's still coping with that reality. I'm planning to finish Book 5 today, and Book 6 tomorrow. Yeah, 6 books in one week, considering the fact that I am quite busy with JPIA-PLM works (being the Editor-in-Chief of our official course-wide magazine), school stuff, and house chores.

Insurgent (Divergent's book 2) was already released in bookstores yesterday, but I still don't have my copy yet. I hope I could already have mine this week. :)

By the way, I found myself painting my nails after breakfast this morning. B-D I really am not fond of putting nail polish because my nails are quite small and it's hard to actually apply something onto them, but somehow, I had managed myself to put colors on my toenails, but not nicely. :| EPIC FAIL. I didn't bother to color my fingernails anymore because laziness took over me when I was already done with my toes.


And I have my new favorite drink, together with milk tea (so far I can't replace that)! I tried it last night and it tasted awesome! I got it from Katniss of Hunger Games actually: the honeyed milk. I actually have a glass of it beside me right now, and it's my second take for today. :) Healthy and yummy - best snack (served with ice) or breakfast (served hot) partner. If you haven't tried it yet, I suggest you really should! :)

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