Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Beauty of My Flaws

(September 2011)

I am never close to perfection, but I just love it like that.

(February 2011)

I am imperfect. I have big eyes and too obvious eye-bags. Way back in elementary, my classmates used to tease me because of these. They used to call me names like Owl and Nemo. Until now, people still do get bothered with my eyes and eye bags more than I am. Fine, these eyes are big and these eye bags are too obvious but these things make me see the beauty of the world. I am indeed very lucky to have eyes that can see how sophisticated this complicated life can be. Yes, I do have big eyes and too obvious eye bags. I am imperfect and just love it like that.

(September 2011)

I am imperfect. I have scoliosis and it does suck because there are times that my spine really hurts. Badly. Even though I don't have a big belly, I still feel uncomfortable with myself because of my scoliosis. Just so you know (if you still don't), scoliosis is an abnormal curvature of the spine. I used to wear a body brace when I was in first year high school but when the curvature stopped from growing, I didn't use the brace anymore 'cause it was hassling me. Whenever people make fun of this abnormality, I really do get hurt; sometimes I just want to twist their bones and let them experience what it feels like to have an abnormal spine. I still thank God for this though, because my scoliosis isn't that bad. I'm still fortunate because there are other people who have severer abnormalities than what I have. Yes, I do have scoliosis. I am imperfect and just love it like that.

(November 2010)

I am imperfect. I am flat chested, not tall and I don't have a fair white skin. Just like my big eyes and too obvious eye bags, these things are subject to others' source of pranks. I laugh with them, yes, but that doesn't actually mean that it's totally okay. I do have feelings and I do get hurt too. Even so, I just let it pass, simply because if I react negatively, something worse might happen. And why should I actually get ashamed of my so-called flat chest, 4'11" height and really not fair white skin? I was able to win the Ms. Photogenic award and 2nd-runner up trophy in a beauty pageant with those, meaning I am beautiful in my own way - in the way that God made me. Yes, I am flat chested, not tall, and I don't have a fair white skin. I am imperfect and just love it like that.

(November 2012)

There are a lot of other imperfections in me, and there are so much more to discover. Yet, I thank God for it. God didn't make a mistake in putting these flaws. He put 'em there for a reason, He made me look like how I do for a reason.

Beauty on the outside isn't everything anyway. One's beautiful face will someday fade, but one's good character won't. What really matters is one's attitude towards things.

And yeah, of course, how could I forget? Faith in Him. :)

If this is a kind of a growing-up-thing-to-do, then good for me. :)

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