Friday, April 27, 2012

Beat the Heat

I woke up this morning at around 7:30, didn't bother to eat breakfast but just had a cup of milk. Yes, milk. I'm already avoiding coffee now. Instead of Starbucks, I already have Chatime, Gong Cha or any other tea stores as my thirst quenching buddies.

I opened the net-book right away and worked with my on-going Wattpad series (A Melody Along The Road), blogged, ate my lunch (just cooked hotdogs 'cause I was too lazy to cook real food), researched for our group's project in ITE54 and sent it to Ma'm Litao (now you can't call me lazy for doing this) and continued reading Succubus Blues.

At around 2PM, I decided to take a nap. When I woke up at around 4, my goodness, it was so damn hot! I was in an air-conditioned room but still, the heat could still be felt. My head was aching then, until now actually, and because of that I guess I won't understand things once I decide to review for FinMan2 (FNM52), for which I do not actually have a plan of doing.

Boom! :)) And for the record, today's the hottest day in Metro Manila as of January 1, 2012. The temperature reached 36.4 degrees Celsius. I hope tomorrow won't be as hot as today. Please. :|

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