Friday, March 21, 2014

Laced Animal

Long time no outfit post so here I come! #ootd's are most of the time posted in my Instagram (@histrionicdeity) though. Anyway, let me share with you this dress that I really fell in love with the first time I saw it. :)

Photo taken by my workmate, Adrian Cabana

I really love the detail of the dress. It's simple but classy. The animal print adds spice to its simple design while the silver-and-black belt-like thing really emphasizes curves. The laced part highlights the "mood" of the dress of having a sexy relaxed fit look. ;)

Laced Animal Print Dress: Mint
Wedge: Janeo
Wristwatch: Guess

Friday, March 14, 2014

LPU Le Café Experience

I was privileged enough to be invited to LPU-CITHM H344's Final Function yesterday at Le Cafe (Lyceum of the Philippines - Manila). Thanks to my very special friend (LOL) Kiko for the invitation. Haha! I wasn't able to come the first time he invited me so when he asked me again yesterday I really didn't hesitate to go. I even brought a friend for company since Kiko's among the Service Team during the function.

I can't exactly remember the names of the dishes but here they are, to commend the H344 team for the plating. :)

The mushroom soup and the pizza served as the appetizers. I loved the texture of the mushroom soup. The pizza was delicious however the dough wasn't actually done well. The taste overpowered that though. ;) 

I'm not really a salad lover but I'd raise my two thumbs up for this dish, both for the plating and the combination of the tastes. Sweet and sour and spicy all at the same time - they all played in my mouth wonderfully! The avocado was a surprise, really. :)

They served fish belly, dilis & mango sprout, chicken and egg for the main dish, and I must say that it was really a superb mix of those viands.

For someone who really loves sweets, desserts are always the best part. Enough said.

It was indeed a sumptuous dinner (and ultimate cheat day too!). Yay! Thanks a bunch Kiko! ;)

Friday, March 7, 2014

And I Thank You

You constantly tease me with my childish acts. You give me compliments that aren't wordy, just plain honesty. You're straightforward in saying that it's already obvious that I've gained weight, but still call me beautiful. And I thank you.

You make me break my limits and follow my heart's own rules. You inspired me to finally get those extra ear piercings that I've always wanted to have (because there's really nothing wrong with that). You made me able to trust again. And I thank you.

You carry my shoulder bag and that's really just a man's move. You're proud of your tattoo on your inner forearm and it's just so sweet because it's your late Mom's name (this moved me). You hold my hand during the entire movie in the cinema and never made any un-gentleman move (really admirable). And I thank you.

You always give me those forehead kisses that I've always longed for (even though I didn't tell you how I'm so into that). You keep on kissing my cheek like a child (and it's just so cute). You're never shy in kissing the back of my hand in public (and that just melts me every time). And I thank you.

You're always there, listening when I talk. You know when to ask and you know when to just hug me if I'm not okay. You can talk about random things when I just wanna listen. When you don't have any important appointment, you're there to make sure I'm safe before you go home. And I thank you.

I appreciate that you never pretended to be someone just to please me, instead you showed your real skin and that's really just the best thing about you. I appreciate that you call me up just to say good night or I miss youI appreciate every little thing you do, Kiko. And I thank you.

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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Vampire Academy: Why?

As part of my pre-birthday celebration with a special guy named Kiko, we watched Vampire Academy (VA) at Trinoma last Feb. 15, Saturday. I was really excited to see the movie because VA was actually one of the best young adult fictions I've ever read. When I saw the trailer, I was half excited and half disappointed - excited because finally VA would be on the big screen and disappointed because the mood on the trailer was actually far from what I had felt when I read the book. I still gave it a shot though, giving the benefit of the doubt to the movie adaptation.

Photo from Google Images

The first part of the movie was sort of like an audio-visual presentation of the types of creatures that the watchers would be meeting. A plus-one and a minus-one for that: plus-one because I didn't have to explain to Kiko what VA is generally all about and a minus-one because hey, it just sucks. Simply like that.

I didn't feel much of the excitement, thrill and romance that one should've felt knowing that VA is such a wonderful book. Richelle Mead wrote it majestically and it was really disappointing to see it on a mediocre adaptation. I admit I was expecting more, it's a Mead work, you know?

Why was it just like that? Every chapter of the book was really exciting. I didn't even feel the beginning of the connection between Rose Hathaway and Dimitri Belikov. It was more on trying-to-be-a-RomCom than a YA-paranormal-romance film. It's not the kind of movie that would receive comments such as spectacular, wonderful or awesome. Really, it's not really worth the watch. Sorry for that harsh comment but that's really what I think.

Well I just thank Kiko for watching it with me even though [obviously] no guy would actually watch VA on-screen for random reasons. And good thing he got what the movie was all about, at least. :)))

Friday, February 21, 2014

An Open Letter to *Insert Name Here*

You have your ear pierced. You have a tattoo. You have that "bad boy" aura. You were exactly the guy I never thought I'd fall for.

We were introduced with a hi-hello, and I'm sorry if I can't remember the date. I never knew then that we could get along so well, and I never thought that we would be as close as what we are now.

I may not remember our first meeting, but I can clearly remember the day when we first exchanged our thoughts. You asked me to sing with you at a party, and since then, we were sort of inseparable. You even asked me for a dance, and walked with me in the parking lot when we were about to go home.

You started a chat on Facebook, and after a short convo, you asked for my number, and texts and phone calls were already endless every night. That sweet message you sent me on New Year's eve is still saved on my phone. Well, most of our convo, actually. :) We started off as crazy friends, indeed. I saw myself in you, a reflection of the freedom I've always wanted to have. And that really made you special, that made you stand out.

I remember the first time you asked me if you could walk with me on my way to the terminal, our first lunch together, and everything else that followed. The time when you told me you like me, and how you made my gray world into a colorful one... The first time you wrapped your arms on my shoulder and around my waist. The first time we hugged each other. The first time you stole a kiss on my cheek as you said goodbye. The first time you wrapped me in your arms and kissed my forehead (and that was the first time someone has ever done that to me, and so far it's my favorite). The first time you hugged me from the back. The first time our fingers intertwined and how you kissed the back of my hand.

And thinking of what more we could be, this is the first time I ever felt so determined to follow whatever my heart is saying. The first time I'm into freedom. The first time I'm into fighting for what I really want. I know this is risky, but I, too, know that this is a risk really worth taking.

Thank you for everything. I'm very glad you came. :)

Friday, January 17, 2014

Bride for Rent

"Commiment lasts forever."

Last night after work, I hurried myself to watch the last full show of Bride for Rent starring Xian Lim & Kim Chiu. As a fan of RomCom (romance-comedy) films and as an avid fan of the KimXi loveteam, I really wanted to watch the movie in the big screen on its first week and good thing I was able to.

Kim's natural sense of humor and Xian's effortless charm were probably the key why the movie received a lot of good reviews from watchers.

It wasn't just about making the people laugh through their lines and actions (especially Kim & Empoy), but it was also about putting into the picture the essence of commitment, honesty, trust and love.

This movie is for those who take their relationships for granted. It is for those who think that commitment is just a word. That marriage isn't sacred. That everything is all about money. That life is under your control.

This movie is for those who value their partners so much. It is for those who believe that commitment is something that one should stand strong with. That marriage is a once in a lifetime experience. That trust is the most important thing in a relationship. That life is actually about loving and being loved.

This movie is for everyone. For those who believe in destiny, and for those who think that love is a decision. For those who believe in sparks, and for those who think that it is us who make our magic.

This is for those who do and do not believe in forever. For those who accept their partners for who they are, and for those who change for the better because it's what their partners deserve.

This movie will indeed teach everyone a lesson. :)

"Forever means giving the person you love unlimited chances of loving you right every waking day of your life."

I believe in love. I believe in commitments. I believe in marriage. I believe in forever. :)

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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Claudine Faylogna Version 2.0

Source: @histrionicdeity on Instagram

I wasn't able to make a Christmas and a year-end post last December so belated Happy Holidays to everyone. I know that even though there had been lots of tragedies in the Philippines last year, the positive Filipino spirit will always be there. :)

The latter part of my 2013 didn't went that well. I fell, and got broken. But still, I believe that everything happens for a reason. It was painful, yes, but that wouldn't stop me from holding on that God has always something in store for me. I may not understand why immediately, but I will in the right time. People come and go, which simply says that you have to be firm enough to cope with changes.

And true to the cliché, when one door closes, another one opens. My heart is in a wonderful state right now. I can't say that it's totally healed, but I can feel it's very much fine. :) And I thank God for giving me a new friend who's actually doing well in making me smile these past couple of days, and for making me feel that I can strive to be better than who I was. This isn't love, definitely not [yet], but I'm happy for this new found friendship. I'm taking my time, and it's all up to God now. And I trust Him that He won't let me fall hard again without His permission. :)

I used my mobile phone in typing this post BTW. Now I can post without logging on to my laptop. :D

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